Baronne Prevost + Rose de Rescht + other picks - help / feedback?

leezen4uFebruary 2, 2012

Anyone have experience with these two in a coastal california environment? I am 1.5 miles from the South Coast Botanical Gardens (Palos Verdes) and 1 mile from the ocean. We do not get fog as much as the beach gardens do because we have some elevation and many times the fog is below us. But I am concerned about mildew, rust, botrytis, insects, etc... Do these 2 repeat bloom for you? Is balling a problem? I do fertilize but want to avoid spraying if I can....

Anyone have good / bad experiences with these OTHER ROSES in So Cal?

I just received from Chamblee's and Antique Rose Emporium (both did a great job by the way):

Reve d'Or, Mutabilis, Monsieur Tillier, Mme. Berkeley, Maman Cochet and Mrs. Dudley Cross, Belinda's Dream, Carefree Beauty, Marie Pavie and New Zealand (for a semi-shady spot).

I will be buying:

Austins - Golden Celebration, Mary Rose, Sharifa Asma, Lady Emma Hamilton, Gertrude Jekyll (to be espaliered), Jude the Obscure and either Graham Thomas or Teasing Georgia to be sited as a climber.

Also - Bonica, Altissimo, Sally Holmes, Gruss an Aachen, Secret, Peter Mayle and Ingrid Bergman.

My wish list (when I can figure out where to put them) right now is:

Cornelia, Lyda Rose, Darlowe's Enigma (shady spot), Sophie's Perpetual, Mrs. R.M. Finch, Leonie Lamesch, Phyllis Bide and Sheila's Perfume. I really want Lamarque and Grandmother's Hat, but I probably won't have the space.

The board's suggestions have been really helpful and I really appreciate you guys!

Thanks Everybody,


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jerijen(Zone 10)

These observations are made in coastal Camarillo -- where we have less fog than we used to.

1. Baronne Prevost has always grown vigorously and bloomed well (resting a little during the hottest weather). It has been disease-resistant, only rusting a little on old leaves in late Fall.

2. Reve d'Or -- A good grower, and great repeat bloomer, with NO disease issues here. In my garden, it has no flaws.

3. Mutabilis -- NO disease. Continuous-bloom. A beautiful, graceful, BIG rose. Give it space, and it will reward you well.

4. Mons. Tillier -- Disease-free. Almost continuous-blooming. A lovely big rose that needs little attention. Blooms are lovely, but will turn to potpourri in Santa Ana windstorms.

5. Mme. Berkeley -- This is a BIG Tea Rose, well-clothed in perfect foliage, and never completely out of bloom. A "Go-To" rose for Thanksgiving and Christmas Bouquets. Bloom color shifts with the weather, but at its best is French Vanilla and Strawberries. Bloom size shrinks noticeably in very hot weather, but it goes right on blooming.

6. Maman Cochet -- ALL of the Cochets are disease-free here. Great repeat bloomers. Blooms are badly affected by cold, dank weather, and might not open. But it is lovely most of the time.
I actually like Niles Cochet best, but they're all good.

7. Mrs. Dudley Cross -- Mildewed continuously here, and is long gone. Marie van Houtte is better here, IMHO.

8. Golden Celebration -- In very rare hot-humid spells, it can blackspot. It is free of other diseases. Resented hard pruning here, and does best for us with only a complete winter deadheading, and foliage removed. Blooms are exquisite. This is a cropper. Big flush. Deadhead. Another big flush, all through the year.

9. Mary Rose -- Had good disease-resistance, but that's when we sprayed. Good bloomer. Eventually removed because it became boring.

10. Sharifa Asma -- Mildewed a little, most of the time. Blooms were lovely, fragrance delightful, but the constant low-level mildew was too annoying. Long gone.

11. Graham Thomas -- If you want it to bloom, plan to pull the canes out horizontally. It grew 12-14-ft. canes, and mildewed. Only bloomed at the top, hence the suggestion to train it horizontally.

12. Altissimo -- at a home in La Conchita, this bloomed like an explosion of color, and covered much of the two-story front. Good disease-resistance. Beautiful color.

13. Sally Holmes -- Disease-free. Best bloom in the spring, when it explodes with color. Want mine? It's huge, and probably Virus-free. I need the space!

14. Secret -- Compact, upright habit. Excellent repeat. Terrific disease-resistance. Good Fragrance. Every plant I ever saw (including my three, from three different growers) was virused to the max. Pity.

15. Cornelia -- wonderful as a shrub or low-climber. Disease free. Biggest bloom in the spring, but it will repeat respectably in Fall, scattering bloom through winter

16. Mrs. R.M. Finch -- Mildewed uncontrollably. Gone.

17. Leonie Lamesch -- A lovely bloom, doesn't make sprays. Gorgeous color, delightful fragrance. Completely disease-free here. A stingy bloomer for us.

18. Lamarque -- Not in my garden, but a virused plant blooms wonderfully at the Adolfo Camarillo Ranch. Disease free. In maturity, it repeats well.

19. Grandmother's Hat -- My number-one recommendation in consideration of disease-resistance, graceful habit, adaptability, and generosity of bloom. We must have a dozen of it here. DH keeps planting it. If I could have but one rose, it would be this one.

Jeri Jennings
Coastal Ventura County, Camarillo

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mudbird(10 soCA)

Hi - I'm south of Jeri and north of you in a very similar location: hilly Mar Vista just east of Venice Beach, about 1.5 miles from the ocean. My garden is atop the MV hill and my front yard faces the ocean with strong breezes while my backyard is more sheltered and sunnier. So, it's zone 24 in front and side gardens with more of a zone 22 in backyard. Behind my house, Mar VIsta is hot and sunny, a solid zone 22 and people grow more citrus and hybrid teas.
I follow a lot of Jeri Jennings' experienced advice altho some of her best roses have not done as well in my garden - such as M. Tillier. I may have had a weak one and will definitely try him again. Golden Celebration i does well here in a warm spot, same for Teasing Georgia which looks like it will be a big climber eventually. Tamora is fine only in a very warm sunny spot, same for Ambridge Rose. Mary Rose and her sport Redoute both did well here, even with a little dappled shade from a tree. Jude the Obscure did not bloom much and balled - may have been virused. Lamarque mildewed a lot every time I've tried it, but I hear it will grow out of that. The following are doing well tho just ownroots planted the past year: Grandmother's Hat, Madame Berkeley, Reve d'Or (very vigorous even in some ocean breeze), Sally Holmes, Altissimo. I've grown Mutabilis and it was magnificent even planted in front with ocean wind. I have 3 Madame Alfred Carrieres which are 25 ft tall and bloom recurrently with occasional bouts of mild mildew. Don't have Baronne Prevost, but Marchessa Boccella is wonderful here and very big & recurrent. Phyllis Bide did not thrive until moved to the absolutely hottest sunniest section of my yard above a retaining wall where I also had to move Crepuscule which is thriving in the heat & sun. Cornelia is good here if planted in a warm sheltered spot - I think she likes "cool heels - warm head" and plenty of water. SHe's once of my favorite roses but must be placed properly. Lyda Rose does very well here and hopefully may turn into a climber. Some Bourbons do very well here too: Madame Pierre Oger, Boule de Neige, Coquette des Blanches are thriving. Hope that helps!

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Thanks Jeri and Mudbird,

Very helpful! There are so many roses to choose from it really helps to hear some experiences from others.


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