Just signed up for 'Orchid Board' forum...

talcottparsons(6)December 31, 2011

I've been on this GW site since I got into orchids a decade ago, but I'm only coming back to orchids and this site after an absence of a year or two. I could be wrong, but this forum seems a bit... quieter than I remember and I was wondering if there was a migration to another forum or something that occured while I was gone? There are fewer posts, exchanges, comments, etc. and I'm wondering if there is another site that is being visited more often, such as the "Orchid Board Forum" that I just signed up for and posted a "wanting to trade" post.

Happy New Years Eve you delightful orchid-growing boys and girls (wherever you are)!!!!


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

I suppose Orchid Forums are like orchid Societies. They have different personalties, just a matter of finding a forum that you like.

Nothing much has occurred here, maybe the rise of Facebook, blogs and other means of communication has reduced the volume of posts.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

OB is one of my favs. due to the way it's divided. By species and then by culture method . Saves so much time !!
They particularly have a good section on orchidarium /terrarium culture as well as orchids as garden plants. Not only are there thousands of orchids there are thousands of ways to grow them!!?? gary

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I have made the same observation, the exchange site and the conversation site are dead, no other words to describe them. In addition to the orchid Board, another great site is orchids interactive. http://www.orchidsinteractive.com/index.php. They are mostly for species growers, I believe.


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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

I have also made the same observations with other forums as well. Much of it seems to be hard economic times for many -- some of whom have given up their collections or just barely tend to them on a day to day basis. I know a few who have had to shut down their greenhouses because of the heating bills. Anyone paying attention has also sadly seen numerous orchid dealers go out of business over the past few years as well.

The OSF seems to be the most awake, but it is still fairly quiet compared to the way it usually had been.

I hope all will perk up come the spring.

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I am a member of the OrchidBoard and have been so for a few years. They are extremely active and helpful.

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I too have found orchidboard very helpful. My schedule doesn't allow me to get around to posting (here or orchidboard) much and caused a set back in my orchid growing hobby. I'm hoping that in 5 months, things will slow down a bit for me and I will be able to return to orchids more.

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