David Austin Eden Rose -Hot, Humid Central FL?

daisyhair(9 -Orlando)February 22, 2014

Hello my rosarian friends!

I am working on an order for new David Austin roses. How does anyone ever narrow it down? I am looking for (5) more this year!!!

One I am REALLY wanting and have wanted for a couple of years is Eden.

I am a bit confused though re: David Austin Eden rose and the others I see on line named Pierre de Ronsard Eden rose (they look almost the same to me.) Are they the same rose?

Any D.A. you are growing that are doing well in hot/humid conditions I would love to know!

For me my best two are Jude the Obscure and Abraham Darby. (both have shade approx 3PM on). My Golden Celebration is ok too but still in a pot -I know it really needs to go in the ground I just don't know the best sun for it STILL.. I think it can handle full, all day FL sun. I think I am going to just plant it and see!

I have a Pat Austin I am babying that is fair.. I keep it in morning sun only. I love the color of these blooms so much!

My last rose is Alnwick and it's looking good.. It didn't do great late Summer (in pot as well) so I really pruned it (by 2/3) and will try to keep it in early AM sun too maybe.

My only failures have been two Glamis Castle and they lived for two years.

I appreciate any suggestions, comments!

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daisyhair(9 -Orlando)

I am also reading that Eden is NOT a great repeater after first Spring flush. If you grow Eden I would love to know what your experience with her is. Thank you!!!

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ms. violet grey

Eden (Pierre Ronsard) is not a David Austin rose although they may sell it. Correct me if I am wrong. Meilland, bred by Jacques Mouchotte, France before 1985. I have seen several photos of Eden on Pinterest mislabeled as a David Austin.

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Eden rose is Meillands rose- and that it is written on David Austins webpage!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

To get to the real question you had, Eden and Pierre de Ronsard are one and the same rose--just two different names. I think in the USA it is more often referred to as Eden--but Roses Unlimited has it listed under both names (I know, because I asked them before I ordered it.).


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Sorry I don't know about Eden, but I can tell you that Teasing Georgia does well for me in full Florida sun. It took 3 years to become established, and is now gorgeous. It gets some black spot but quickly recovers, and the blooms are big, frequent and sturdy.

Gertrude Jekyll is also doing well even though it's in too much shade. "Gertie" has such a delicious fragrance that I have to keep her.

Both TG and "Gertie" are grafted on Fortuniana. I'm not buying any more grafted roses, ever, so when my own-root Austins have been around for awhile, I'll post & let you know how they are doing.

Was your Glamis Castle own-root? Mine doesn't look very healthy right now, and it's not responding well to nutritional supplements as are my other roses.

If you like the way Austins look, you will probably appreciate OGR Mrs. B.R.Cant. Wonderful color, formally arranged petals, very vigorous grower down here.

happy roses!

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Although north Texas is more hot than humid in the summer, the Austins that do well in my garden are:

The Alnwyck rose
Sharifa Asma
William Shakespeare 2000
Sophy's Rose
Jude the obscure, less floriferous than the others perhaps 3 flushes per growing season, as. Opposed to 4 or 5 for the others. Keep in mind our growing season is from April to early November .

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cattjovi(GA 8b)

Teasing Georgia growing on my arbor here in Georgia. Zone 8B.

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Arlene- I just love that picture of TG!

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That's the prettiest Teasing Georgia I ever saw. Congratulations.

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