Chronic bud blast?

inderooDecember 30, 2011

Hi everyone, new to the forum! I've got a cattleya, which I bought last year at an orchid nursery. It had buds on it at the time... unfortunately it dropped all of the buds. I was house sitting at the time, and one of the cats in the house had a habit of peeing on my things! I swore that the orchid smelled of urine, so I figured that's why the buds dropped. During the summer time I had it outside on my deck soaking up plenty of sunshine. I fertilized once every two weeks, and watered once a week. I ended up having to re-pot it (some dead roots), and since then it put out a new leaf. I noticed recently that it had a bud coming from the new growth, and was so very exited to finally see my orange flowers!! But to my dismay, it dropped the bud AGAIN! To get to the point, is it possible for an orchid to simply have some genetic defect that causes it to always drop buds, or am I just doing everything wrong for this poor cattleya?! My other cattleya bloomed happily this past summer in the same exact environment, just as a side note...

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Do you have names for your Cattleyas? That word Cattleya covers a wide range of orchids and perhaps your growing conditions for the summer flowering orchid are better.

You might need minor adjustments to your growing conditons depending on the flowering season.

Here, generally the easiest ones to grow and flower are those that bloom from late summer through Autumn.

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The cattleya that actually bloomed is called Cattleya Waianae leopard.. The other cattleya is supposed to have orange blooms, and the leaves are longer and more spindly. Different from the leopard leaves with are shorter. I know this probably isn't specific enough, but hopefully it helps :/ The link is to a gallery from the nursery I got my bud-dropping orchid from. Mine looks like the 8th picture down in the left column.

Here is a link that might be useful: orange orchid

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

I have an orchid in bloom now called Blc. SunCoast Sunspots. Waianae Leopard is one of its parents. Now in the Southern Hemisphere is Summer.

The other orchid might be one of those LaelioCattleyas that bloom in spring after resting all winter in a shade-house. By resting i mean more or less the natural rainfall. minimum temps 5-10C range. maximum temps 12-20C range and some sunny days.
Might be easy in some parts of California. More difficult in some other parts of the USA.

Typical of those Orange Yellow flowers is Lc. Trick or Treat. Of course, I�m only
guessing the name and type.

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