HEB et al have roses!

bluegirl_gwFebruary 5, 2014

Picked up Mojave & Kordes Perfecta from Kroger

Peace from HD

Tiffany from HEB--going back to get a couple of Mrs. Dudley Cross they had to replace cemetery roses mowed over last year. They also had nice looking Duchesse de Brabant--might get one of those. They sell old HTs for $5.95, ogrs $10.

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I know what Kroger is.

An I imagine that HD Home Depot.

But what the heck is HEB?

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Named after Howard E. Butt - grocery store chain in Texas.

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Ah. We don't have that chain here.

Glad you are finding nice roses so conveniently.


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brittie(Houston 9a)

Yeah the bareroots are around town here also! I'm holding off though because potted roses will arrive at Mass Nursery In another two weeks or so, including goodies from ARE, and I'm budgeting for that. :)

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I remember HEB. A friend from Louisiana said the stores there were called Howard E. Butt in that state (as Mauvegirl noted). An unfortunate name for a grocer, perhaps. I used to work at a hospital in Dallas called RH Dedman. Oh, yes. No kidding. It's called RHD now, of course. Sorry. I strayed from the point of the post a bit. Carol

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Yeah, H.E.B. started in TX as modest well-stocked grocery stores. They've grown to have all kinds of fancy food, including excellent prepared stuff & a great selection of organic food. When we "go out" to eat, it's usually to pick up from HEB. They also are VERY generous with local food banks & churches. One in my old home town has kept a large (up to 300 meals/day)Christ's kitchen open for many years.

I live in their home turf & the local stores regularly stock a nice selection of ogrs that do well here--Mrs. Dudley, Duchesse de Brabant, Caldwell Pink, Souvenir del la Malmaison, Spice, also New Dawn, cl. Pinkie, Heritage & old HTs. Most are packaged from Mea Nursery. Chopped roots, but with some babying they make fine plants. Sunsprite was new this year--that is a wonderful rose here. They put out new ones every few days

Home Depot had cl. Iceberg, JFK, Proud Land, Toro, cl. Joseph's Coat, Chrysler Imperial, Queen Elizabeth, Theresa Bugnet, Peace, Mr. Lincoln, Don Juan, Love, Knock Outs, several others. The Peace looked to be 1 1/2 grade. From Mea & Lone Star.

I need to re-check Lowe's but I did get a good looking Deja Blue last month. They had them potted last year & the flowers looked like florist roses but smelled good.

We don't have Krogers here but I was traveling & the plants were fresh & looked good. Had Ambiance (looked that one up) Mojave, Kordes Perfecta, other old HTs. Theirs were from Sexton (Tyler)

I know the body bags are iffy re. correct labling, etc. but I've had good luck with HEB, Lowe's & HD plants picked up early & planted well with good care.

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Thanks for sharing blue girl. I have also had good success with HEB roses. I bought Caldwell Pink for myself and Duchess de Brabant for a friend. They both did very well. I wish I had held off on my ARE order this year. Ordered mrs Dudley Cross. Then saw them at HEB. Grrrrr.

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You're so very welcome.

This year (I haven't lived here long) their ogr selection is pretty limited. LOTS of Mrs. Dudley Cross & Duchesse de Brabant, but not the others they had last year. Mrs. Dudley is a fine rose here--think it was voted "the San Antonio Rose". And thornless! HEB also sells The Fairy, & cl. Pinkie (plain little pink flowers but HUGE trusses of them) for $10 as Earthkind roses.

I went back to drool over their old HTs & made notes:
cl. America (picked this one up)
Heirloom (akk! not Heritage, as previously posted--got it)
Gold Glow (got it)
Kordes Perfecta
Cl. Joseph's Coat
Mr. Lincoln
Don Jaun
Paradise (want it--so pretty, but not a strong plant for me previously)
1rst Prize
New Day
Proud Land--anyone have this? Any Chrysler baby interests me.
Chrysler Imperial
Mirandy (got one)

They have #1s for $6 & 1 1/2 grades for $5.

Lowe's & HD have a similar but not so large selection. Lowe's has Medallion--I'm tempted.

Had to go to WalMart today--they had Arizona & Garden Party (hmm, very pretty--I'm planning a white bed) plus a few others.

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Wow. Great selection you got there. I felt guilty about my 16 purchases this year. Hope you have lots of help digging those holes! Happy gardening my a Texas friend!!

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seil zone 6b MI

You guys are lucky! We have tons of Kroger's here. There at least 5 of them within 5 miles of me and I've NEVER seen a rose bush except for those little gift minis in the florist shop. No HEB's here at all either.

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Lucky you, indeed. What a great idea of the stores to carry good, interesting roses, so that for once you can swim with the tide, not against it.

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I grew Proud Land in the early 70s. It was one of the better ones for health and floriferousness (if there is such a word). We moved after a few years and so I cannot give you a long term report.


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Thanks for the report! Chrysler is good here & so very fragrant. Seeing that Proud Land is a Chrysler child piqued my interest.

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