AM I the only one that can't stop buying roses?

shopshopsFebruary 10, 2014

What is wrong with me? Six years ago I was forewarned that rose gardening is addictive. I pooh poohed the advice. I am a disciplined woman!!!

Well this "disciplined" woman just ordered 15 roses between JANUARY 4TH and February 10th!!!!!! I already have 79 on a 8100 sq foot lot. I must admit in the long run it's cheaper than paying the mow and blow crew for lawn services. Not to mention the bees and other critters need beautiful flowers to keep them alive! It's mainly lawns and knockouts where I live!!!

But when will the insanity end??! My yard must look like a crayon box from the sky.
The truth is my garden gives me immense pleasure. .I'm just feeling a little guilty for my indulgence. Pardon the rant. :-)

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

You've already given excellent reasons why there's nothing wrong with what you're doing: You enjoy it immensely, it's no more expensive than hiring someone, and you're creating a haven for wild creatures. I don't really see a problem; I see a win/win situation. You'll know when it becomes too much to handle or you run out of room. Even when that happens, I can tell you from personal experience, that the thrill and enjoyment never stop.


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As they say in New Orleans "Let the good times roll!"


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I did that when we first moved here in DFW. Bought a lot of roses, planted, then ended the night with a bottle of chardonnay.


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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

A new rose is a promise of joy and beauty. Don't feel bad until you get to the point where you are not caring properly for the roses you have.

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shopshops, I would love to see pictures of your garden.

The acquisitions - aah yes, no I never feel guilty.

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AM I the only one that can't stop buying roses?


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seil zone 6b MI

Even when you HAVE run out of room, can no longer CARE properly for all the ones you have and can't really AFFORD to buy any will still lust after that one you just saw that you adore and MUST have! It never goes away. You are addicted and welcome to the club, lol!

My name is seil and I'm a rose-aholic...

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Aww guys. You made me feel so much better that I went directly to the ARE website and bought me the long lusted after "Quietness".
Mauvegirl8. I will attempt to post soon. I am lazy at uploading pictures. But I have enjoyed the efforts of others pics on here so I should reciprocate . Not too many Texas rose pics on here. Thanks again guys!!!!

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alameda/zone 8

Life is short - eat dessert first. I just ordered roses too!

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Thanks Alameda. Will love to see your pics since you're in Texas as well.

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I remember those days. What wonderful fun! For me the mad buying of roses was a stage, though certainly one that lasted many years. I tend to do that with all my hobbies -- lots of fabric when I sew, lots of wool when I knit, lots of plants when I garden. By definition we enthusiasts are nothing if not enthusiastic. The one that has lasted all my life long is books.

These days I have been going through a process of deleting roses. I saw clearly that I had too many for me, not so much because of the space (I could have squeezed in even more), but for the limits of time and the water I could give them. Some people never run into their limits but others of us do. I am content, actually even relieved with this new situation. I do still have a few roses on order (all but one long standing) and places set aside for them. However I suspect a few more will go over the next 2 or 3 years. I have my eye on a short list. Will I ever buy another rose? Probably, but I do believe my days of wholesale acquisition are done, at least until the time comes that I create new garden somewhere else. I do not anticipate that happening anytime soon.

In the interests of full disclosure I should mention that I have planted a lot of trees this past year.....

It's really about the pleasure your garden brings you rather than the number of roses you grow. I'll bet you already knew that. I wish you much joy in the garden!


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I will be moving, so I find this a wonderful reason to buy more roses! With the warmer zone and less deer....maybe I can get climbers!!! :)

It's only an addiction if you can't stop and think you need to...otherwise it's a hobby. That's what I keep telling's a hobby...and hobbies are good, right? LOL

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porkpal zone 9 Tx

Roses are not a vice but a virtue. Plant lots!

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Thanks Porkpal, lavender lass and rose folly. I'm reassured that I'm an enthusiast and not just rose greedy. It is indeed a joyful hobby. I'm so grateful that I can partake.

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