Excellenz von Schubert (Photo & Text)

jerijen(Zone 10)February 16, 2012

For the first several years it grew here, EvS suffered dreadfully from Chlorosis. We treated it with soil sulfur, which addressed the problem, but only for a short time.

A few years back, it just quit going chlorotic. Nothing here altered, it just stopped having white leaves. Not that the foliage is Exhibition-perfect, but it's fine for the garden, and very good most of the time.

It blooms well through most of the year, is wonderfully fragrant, and does well in a vase. Blooming fairly well right now, in fact. :-)


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jerome(z9 CA)

Beautiful, Jeri. I didn't know this was a fragrant rose. How large does it get for you?

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Jerome, it would make a good mid-range climber. And the strong fragrance is a real plus, IMHO.

I think Sandy Gaal has grown it over an arbor, so ...
I would it around a tripod, some years back, and there it has remained, as a large round mass of plant, covered in most seasons with bloom. But it's now pulled up its tripod, so I need to do SOMETHING. It's probably got some old growth we should remove. When we have time.

But I'm disinclined to remove much of it, as I suspect the shift to better health and foliage may be attributed to the increasing size of the plant.

For those who exhibit -- we won trophies with this, back when we did that.


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seil zone 6b MI

Wow, that's lovely, Jeri! Good luck with the tripod fix, lol!

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I thought I had lost my EVS a last year when I transplanted him. He wilted and appeared to die right back to the ground, but next thing I knew he was sprouting canes again (thank goodness for ownroot plants)! He is a resislient rose, and seems to adapt well to the environment. He's still not very big, but I was glad to see I didn't loose him completely!

Yours is beautiful! I hope mine starts to look like that again this year :)


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Oh, Jeri, what a beauty!! After hearing your experience with this rose adjusting to its environment, I wish one was available nearby. Maybe someday. I do hope all goes well getting him back in order. You sure don't want to lose him.


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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Tessiess, SoCal Inland, 9b, 1272' elev

That's a pretty one Jeri.

Here are some pictures of one of the Excellenz von Schubert's I saw last year in May at Eurodesert. One of the others was growing on an arbor but I might not have taken any pictures of it. This one was lovely. Had arching growth and plenty of flowers (yep, fragrant!).

I have one from Rogue Valley last year. The color is really nice, and it is fragrant. I have a friend in Arkansas who bought a rose sold as Excellenz von Schubert, but hers isn't fragrant and the flowers are more pink. She thinks it is really Gartendirektor Otto Linne.

Jeri, could your water have changed? I ask because here when the water company is using more local well water the ph is lower than when they buy imported water and mix them together.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

No. Our water is still the same drech it's always been. :-)


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

What glorious pictures. I wish I had room for another one. My first on didn't do well and I'm sure it was the location but seeing these pictures if I had room I would grow it again, since I love that color. I understood it didn't repeat that well, but age might have something to do with that too.


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jim_east_coast_zn7(z7 East Coast)

When I grew it in Virginia, this was one of my healthiest roses and one of the first to bloom. Never sprayed. After the first flush it bloomed intermittently in the summer and then a small flush in the fall. The fragrance has already been mentioned. Other nice features are that it is thornless or practically so, and in the fall breaking off a cluster of flowers will dry beautifully, retaining the color and shape. A lovely rose.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

I've never tried drying it, Jim. I ought to try that!


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I got this rose last spring. I think it is exquisite. But the spring blooms were better (more graceful) than the later ones. Eager to see how it does this summer.

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jim_east_coast_zn7(z7 East Coast)

The first time was a fluke! I had accidentally broken off a flowering cluster, it was fall, so I brought it into the house, placed it on a paper plate and left it in a seldom used walkthrough in the house which was dark (had only an outside solid wooden door which was seldom opened).
Happened to check a few weeks later and there they were, thoroughly dried out. Due to the drying, the color had intensified slightly, the size of the blooms had shrunk very slightly but were still perfectly shaped, and the fragrance was still there when one sniffed. It was extremely brittle. This cluster lasted for months until my sister moved it and of course it shattered.

The following year I did it again to see if the previous year was just a fluke but had the same results. As I said the color deepened slightly but held, didn't turn brown and the petals never drooped but held their form.

This was in Richmond, VA. Jeri, might suggest making a wreath of some sort, and dry it so it can then be later hung without touching the clusters. Never managed to try it.

Jerome, mine grew in VA to about 6 feet. The branches grew up and then bent over forming a V shaped shrub. Visited the monastery once between 1998-2000 when I lived in Laguna Hills. Remember a few roses but it was in the preJerome days, unfortunately, LOL. Loved the pic of your Teasing Georgia, another one of my favorites (wish it were thornless though).

For me EVS produced beautifully with no care.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

Jim, I will look to cut some, and hang them upside-down to dry. Thanks for the tip.


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Oh, I need to find THIS EVS. We have an EVS in the organic rose garden at the Virginia Zoo here (Norfolk VA) but it is not fragrant, nor do the blooms have the character shown in these photos.
I read somewhere there are 2 versions of this rose so I don't necessarily think ours is mislabelled.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Barbara, it may be that your rose is mis-labeled.
EvS is occasionally confused in commerce with its close relative: 'Gartendirektor Otto Linne.'
(You might want to look that'un up on HelpMeFind.)

Linne wasn't as good a rose for us as EvS -- tho, for all I know, we had a poor specimen.


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