Roses keeping their hips all winter...

true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b)February 27, 2014


I was wondering if there are roses, which keep their hips throughout most of the winter, to contrast with the monotonous heaps of white snow in the garden?

My Rosa glauca's, hips rot and turn black by November.



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Alba Semiplena does, until late winter, when the birds get hungry enough to eat them

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true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Thanks, Malcolm.

What coincidence. I planted a semi-plena last year! I suppose I'll see some hips next winter. That's great.

Actually, I was looking for an excuse to plant another rose :-) i I was wondering if Rosa eglanteria kept it's hip through winter?

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

I don't see any hips on the eglanteria. My guess is that somebody ate them. Squirrels can do an amazingly thorough job of stripping some roses. They are much more efficient than birds, which usually manage to miss some to find later.

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Thomas Affleck

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true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Thanks mad-gallica as usual to the point :-)
Thanks shopshops for the recommendation.

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