Two More Wild Edrics

ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)February 17, 2014

Since Heirloom is having a sale on English Roses I decided to add another two Wild Edric roses to the two I already have. The two bands I have which arrived as bare sticks are doing wonderfully well, having leafed out almost immediately and producing buds, of which I'm only allowing one to remain and open. Many of my roses are showing mildew (probably from the warm days and cool nights) but not this rose. The foliage is bright green and impeccable and has been since the first day. I'm replacing Pink Rosette with one of these newcomers, since it's done nothing in spite of plenty of TLC and way more water than I can justify. I'll plant the second WE in a gallon pot and replace any other rose that is doing poorly in our terribly warm winter. The drought is continuing and WE is said to be very drought tolerant, in addition to having a beautiful color and fragrance. I'm determined to have some roses for as long as I can have a garden and am now constantly searching out roses that can withstand heat and drought. I won't plant a rose that doesn't please me, but from now on my first criterion is going to be whether it can survive in the present and future conditions of continued drought.


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Ingrid, very practical and also aesthetically savvy! I'm reorganizing my tiny garden along some of the same guiding prinicples--giving away roses that are too much work, retaining those that I love which are healthy and happy in my low maintenance garden, and satisfying myself with forum photos of those that are best in other situations. There are still a couple of exceptions, of course, as I wait and hope that some of my teas thrive. I can hardly wait to see this year's pics of your garden. It is one of my absolute favs! You and your persevering planting partner have impressively managed to create a slice of paradise in an ever more challenging environment! Carol

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Thank you, Carol, for your heart-warming praise. I'll ask my roses to do especially well for you. If we don't have at least one episode of rain before the spring flush (which for the first time ever will be at least one month early), I'm not sure how much there will be to see, and it will be a fleeting show again like last year (two weeks). I'm going to take tons of pictures, which will never stop blooming or get thirsty......


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Looking forward to them!

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prickles(Los Angeles, CA)

I planted mine about two weeks ago--potted to be exact, into a 5 gallon--and it's been leaving out steadily. Yours are way, way ahead of mine if you are seeing buds already, Ingrid. I'm glad to hear they are doing so well for you. Please post a picture or two soon. I can't wait to see a bud, or a flower, or sniff its strong (rugosa?) scent.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

That is a beautiful rose. I am looking forward to seeing your photos. Sounds far too thorny for any place I have left, after pruning Munstead Wood, if Austin says thorny they must mean thorny!

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

prickles, I'll definitely take a picture when the only bud I didn't snip off opens up. Maybe we shouldn't expect too perfect a bloom from a little band, but it will still be exciting to see the first one.

Kippy, to tell you the truth I hadn't thought about the thorns, but you're right that rugosas are heavily armed. One is by itself along the driveway but the others will be mixed in with other roses, and that could be a bit of a problem. This might be the one time that I'll actually use gloves when I prune this foursome!


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