Lady Hillingdon is dead. Long live Lady Hillingdon

poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)February 21, 2014

Well, I went out and checked for known Polar Vortex casualties. I lost several roses...many of which were in pots and small (although some came as two gallon but late in the summer). Lady Hillingdon is dead, dead, dead. Niles Cochet suffered from poor drainage in his pot (kept wondering what that horrid smell was). Francesca just died.
Looks like the more established in-ground teas did alright. The 1G teas/noisettes I kept in the garage until they started pushing growth and it warmed up outside.
What a winter...
Zephirine is pushing lots of new are Felicia and many others...
My bareroot order is coming next week so I am trying to prep for that. The majority are classic HTs going into 3 raised cutting beds I prepared in the fall.
How is your garden doing?

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My garden is still under a lot of snow. All my roses were in the ground and their first winter. So I'm still waiting to see what lived. We will see what ones were hardy. Most were bands planted last spring.

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Still under feet of snow. I am predicting the downfall of Souvenir de la Malmaison. I am concerned for her the most. If she dies, I'll be disappointed, but expecting it. If she lives, I'll feel lucky.

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My Lady H looks dead too, but has a bit of greeness on a cane or two if you dig below the mulch. I'm not holding out much hope for the rest of my teas that were spring bands last year. Actually none of last year's bands look like they have anything above the ground that is still alive. This includes 2 ALMc which I suspect can't get replaced anytime soon.

...But I've been told to be patient. Since I'm not finding much still in stock to replace the sad looking ones I've got I guess there isn't much option.

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I've lost several Lady H's over the years. One I dropped in the pot and it well, broke. Another I planted and could never find again. I blame the gopher invasion for that one. At least two climbers simply died on me. I have no idea why. But it is such a gorgeous rose that I have persisted through the years. Currently I have a robust shrub form Lady H, and two young climbers that seem to be doing very well. This rose is a real favorite with me. Knock on wood. Yes, I am a bit superstitious. The jealous gods don't like us to be overconfident.

Very good luck to you with yours!


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Susan, I'm so glad to hear your in ground teas are doing well and have survived so far. Are you going to replace her and try again?

My Lady H got moved last fall; I am hoping she will like her new spot and reward me with some blooms this year. Gean

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buford(7 NE GA)

I have a lot of concerns. I have a thread on the Roses forum. Many of my roses have a lot of ugly reddish looking canker on them and some just look dead, brown or black canes, shriveled with no pith.

I was able to bring my pot ghetto inside for the worst of the polar vortex and they are fine, which is good because I will need to replace a lot of roses, I think.

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

I'm sorry about Lady H Susan. You can try again. Buford I've had that canker at times and was told the it is Downy MIldew in the canes. Some of the roses that had that I've carried on with as hot weather puts it in remission. I don't think it really goes away. I think that is what killed my beautiful Crown Princess Margareta. I'm replacing it with a plant from Heirloom who has Austins on sale right now. I have to say that I am thrilled with the garden at this time. It's been raining, my pond is full so that I can water this summer. I was anticipating a catastrophe with no water. All my younger roses are growing like gangbusters.

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Z 7a E Tn

This has been quite the winter.I think that our schools have had more weather-related days off than any time in the 20+ yrs. we've lived here. Sadly, some of our single digit temps occurred without snow cover. Fortunately, there was snow cover when we were below zero and it warmed up before too long. If that's not enough, we are due another arctic blast midweek along with possible snow. March really will come in like a lion this year.

I will have to check my Lady Hillingdon again but she seemed OK last month. Mrs. Dudley Cross seems OK, too. Those are my only two teas. They are both older roses so I hope that they made it. I think that I've lost several roses: modern shrubs, a floribunda and maybe some mini's. Since almost everything is own root, I'll wait and see if some of them will come back.

This might not really ease the pain of losing roses, but this year my crocus seiberi 'Firefly' are blooming bigger, brighter and fuller than they ever have. They are my special favorites, even though I find that they tend to die off after awhile and I need to replant them every several years. A lot of my old-fashioned daffodils are up with buds, even the ones I should have divided last year because they were too crowded and weren't blooming. My Lenten roses are covered with buds, too. Maybe it will be a beautiful spring. Let's hope!

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After getting no rain for 13 months, we got 8 inches in a week, and it has been mostly cooler and damper ever since that. The garden exploded in growth and bloom. All sorts of things burst into bloom - all of my camellias, most of the tea roses, all of the daffodils, all of my iris, the banksia rose, the Japanese quince, all of the fruit trees, and the sparaxis. Whew! The early bloomers normally bloom at this time, but it seems that many of the plants that normally bloom in March/April joined in. I guess they are "making hay while the sun shines".

Lots more coming too - all of the roses which aren't blooming are leafing out, even those which were just sitting there doing nothing before. I was irrigating, but this just goes to show you that they can tell the difference!


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I'm sorry for all of you who may have winter weather-related rose problems. That has to be so discouraging, not to mention expensive. Pam, I'm thrilled how things have turned around for you. My roses are growing quickly now too, in spite of the lack of rain, and it's nice to see the garden looking less bare. Quite a few buds here and there, and I'm most excited about seeing blooms on my new Reine des Violettes, an iffy rose for my conditions, which however will have afternoon shade. I think we should all be granted the luxury of at least one rose that may not be perfect for our conditions but that we'd love to have.


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seil zone 6b MI

Sorry about your losses. I fear I'll find a lot of the same here when the snow finally melts. Everything above the snow line is pretty much blackened from the prolonged sub zero temps we had. It will be at least a month yet before I'll be able to really tell anything on the potted ones. I'm keeping a hopeful thought but planning on what new ones I'd like to try too!

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

Thanks everyone for the condolences and personal experiences. I will eventually replace Lady Hillingdon since it seems the winter was a one-off...although who knows. I will certainly order her in time to get established.
I have so many roses that I may have a pot ghetto instead of a garden.
I have Celine, Reve d'Or, Barcelona coming on fortuniana. Sombreuil, Mons. Paul Lede, Allister Stella Gray and many more coming.
Remember the MAC crisis when I moved her? Looks like she is dead too. Or cane dead anyway....
I really hope my Reine des Violettes made it. Most of my Vintage treasures I kept well protected.
Schonste is MASSIVE and I cannot wait to see it bloom. Zephie did just fine with no cane death. She is in a very warm corner. Everything that is alive is pushing new growth....I know more freezing temps are coming....

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

Susan, Geschwind's Shonste is so beautiful in bloom. it won't mind the cold either. I LOVE Allister Stella Grey! Maybe Madame Alfred will come up from her roots.

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One hard winter here Devoniensis died to its roots, but surprised me by coming back the next spring. Otoh, G. Nabonnand did not. I hope you have some happy surprises when spring does finally come.

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

G. Nabonnand has living canes. I am looking forward to happy surprises! Leonie Lamesch and Rosette Delizy are dead too....

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