Dames de Chenonceau

jerome(z9 CA)February 15, 2012

Just a quick plug for this rose. It's amazing...I wish I could make a hedge of it somewhere. The blooms are magnificent and of the same color complexity as, say, M. Tillier. It has a beautiful shape, even as a young plant (the one here went in as a gallon plant in March of 2011) and I love the fragrance. I don't have a picture yet, but will post one when it goes into spring bloom. If you have room - get this rose.

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annabeth(Zone 8 No Cal inland)

The name intrigues me. I have a book on Castles and Chenonceau is my favorite one in France, being built like a bridge over the River Cher. The historical "Dames" put in quite beautiful gardens, too.

I just looked up the rose on HMF and it is very pretty. It doesn't look like it will get very big, which can be useful. How did you find this one? I've never heard of it before.


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jerome(z9 CA)

I love Pat Henry at Roses Unlimited, and often, when placing an order, I'll ask her, "Pat,could you please recommend something nice or just send me something...." She has always replied, and that way I've gotten Dames de Chenonceau as well as other great roses like Lemon Spice, Versigny and Roberto Capucci - to name a few. And that's how I got it. It's still young here, having gone in last March. I could see it getting to be about 4 or 5 feet in time, depending on how I prune it. It's a great rose.

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It does look very pretty on HMF. I love that globular rose form.


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jerome(z9 CA)

It's also extremely fragrant, fruit and myrrh. The color in real life is complex - a lot like a paler Mons. Tillier.

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Two people are growing it in Moscow!

Maybe this one is not just for CA.

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seil zone 6b MI

I like the form and color too. Thanks for the tip!

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One of the Dames de Chenonceau was Diane de Poitiers, mistress to two kings of France, father and son, Francis I and Henry II. She was an interesting and accomplished woman.


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Cath, thank you for the reminder, I love history, and especially that time period. I have read that she was a vegetarian, drank only water, and made cookies.

I was wondering if the Dames were just the two, Diane, and Catherine de Medici. But get thee to Wiki, and the whole of it is soon apparent!

I did see one reference to Mary Queen of Scots, but didn't verify if she actually lived there...my scullery duties await!

Here is a link that might be useful: Chenonceau's webpage

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