Looking for 15 gallon nursery squat pots?

rosefollyFebruary 27, 2011

Jeri Jennings recommends these to foil gophers when planting roses in the ground (with lots of extra holes drilled for drainage). I prefer cages plus trapping myself, but I do use them for planting blueberries. My soil here is quite alkaline, and planing in pots makes it easier for me to control pH.

Anyway, I've had an awful time finding them. They can be ordered, but the only time I found them in a store I had to drive 50 miles to pick them up. Well, today I was in our local CVS drugstore and in the garden center at the entrance, I found a shelf of nursery pots and they had 15 gallon squats!

I bought nine, which was about half of what they had. The price was just under $10 each. They looked quite sturdy. If you have been looking for these pots with no success, you might be able to find them at your local CVS right now.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

Hmmmmm ...

Now, to find a CVS pharmacy!

Good work Rosefolly!


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Jeri, here in the Bay Area, CVS bought out the Long's Drugstore chain. If you had a Long's drugstore in your area, it is probably a CVS now.

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

I get them from the recycled pots programs that many of the landscapers' nurseries have. Here in San Juan Capistrano, you can get used 15 gallon squats for $2 at Plant Depot, and 5 gallon regular nursery cans for $0.50.

Check around to the nurseries that cater in your area to landscapers and see if any have a pot recycling program. Then you just have to check in every once in awhile and pick up whatever is in their recycling container.

I also found a good tool on ebay for cutting more holes in them. It's a soldering iron that has been modified to attach a 3/4 inch hole maker to the end of it. The result is it melts a 3/4 inch hole whereever you touch it to the plastic pot, in about 15 seconds. $5, including shipping. Such a deal! It's intended for putting toner in laser printer cartridges, which is what I originally bought it for, but now that I have it, I use it for my pots.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay hole making tool.

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