Just joined the Heritage Rose Foundation.

bman1920(5b)February 23, 2014

So after all the reading on this site I decided to join HRF. Everyone's talking about the issue of rosa mundi . Any members on here wanna give me an idea what I just joined. Their website didn't say a lot about membership.

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I'm perhaps a bit biased, in that I'm a trustee of the HRF, but let me start the conversation. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, organized in the U.S. but international in scope, dedicated to preserving heritage roses, promoting their culture, educating the public about them, and supporting research into them. We have wonderful conferences (the next one is in June, in Winchester, England, with an all-day visit to Mottisfont Abbey! Wowzers!). Our "big" publication is Rosa Mundi, a superb publication which, unfortunately, doesn't come out nearly as often as we'd all like, but with a volunteer editorial staff, you do what you can. Between issues, there are periodic newsletters, which also have articles of interest (I'm currently the editor of the newsletter).

Welcome! We appreciate your support of "the cause," and hope you'll make it a long and fulfilling relationship!

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I'm happy to help. And thank you Malcolm for the nice response.

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