Singles, shade tolerant, thrip resistant

teka2rjleffel(z10FL)February 24, 2012

I recently read that singles tend to be more shade tolerant that other bloom types. I'm sure this is a broad generalization but what is your experience? Also I see less thrip damage or it isn't as apparent on singles. Now that the thrips are here 12 months of the year it would be nice to have some blooms not destroyed. What repeat blooming singles do you like?

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jerijen(Zone 10)

I don't think I'd consider real full shade. For that, buy an azalea or camellia, or a fern, perhaps.

But if you have day-long filtered shade, or half-day sun, perhaps, yes, Singles will tolerate it better than doubles. At least, they will open. :-)

I particularly like 'Mutabilis,' which should like Florida, as it is a China:

"Ragged Robin"???

Perhaps the single R. moschata?
Or 'Sanguinea'/"Bengal Fire"?


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Thanks Jeri. I'm glad you responded. I know you know your singles.

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Campanula UK Z8

Apart from species roses, I mainly grow singles and semi-doubles. There is quite a good hybrid Musk which has done well in shade - Vanity - and I also have a slew of early HTs such as Mrs Oakley Fisher, Dusky Maiden, Dainty Bess, DairyMaid and Ellen Wilmott. The musk rose, R.moschata and autumnalis has been OK in shade (but I dunno about thrips).

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Thanks Campanula. Dainty Bess has been on my wish list for a while. I also like Dairy Maid and Ellen Wilmott. Thanks

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