Planting "Eden" own root or not???

dregaeFebruary 17, 2014

I want to purchase "Eden" this year and I was wondering if it was vigorous enough to grow on its own roots or if it would do better grafted. After this wild winter I am leaning towards own root everything, but the spot this is going is protected so I would like to get the type that would grow the best. Thanks for any advice

grace e

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Depending where you garden, Eden is known as a, "when she was good she was very very good but when she was bad, she just sat there type of rose. My two just sat there and grew as a shrub. Oh yes, I also forgot to mention the BS

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I grew Eden, own root, for about 7-8 years as a climber going up my 8 ft pillar. I've never grown it grafted, so I can't say what that would be like. My Eden grew about 12 ft tall after several years.

If you grow it on a pillar, make sure you start wrapping the long canes loosely around the pillar while the canes are still young. Mature canes get quite thick and don't appreciate being "bent" so that they reach around the pillar. You can periodically trim back the side laterals (which are the part that actually puts out the blooms) to encourage more blooms, but if your Eden is typical, it will have a heavy (and gorgeous) spring bloom, followed by a lighter and more sporadic bloom for the rest of the season. However, some gardeners have complained that their Edens did not rebloom well--or at all. I seem to remember that mine was several years old before it started re-blooming.

One of the most beautiful roses when it does bloom--but yes, it might need a bit of spraying occasionally to keep the BS down.

I missed mine so much that I'm planting a new (own root) one this spring.


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I grew 2 grafted Eden for a year and a half (I think) before I gave them away. Never seen a bloom on them, but the vegetative growth was very fast & vigorous. Didn't require any chemical sprays - no BS, no anything.

They probably would have bloomed had I the patience to wait.

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Eden does just fine on its own roots. It was the first rose I ever grew from a cutting. It's very vigorous, in fact, even with competition. Here's one I grew from the cuttings. I stuck it behind a huge border of gardenias against the foundation of my house. I never water it. I always forget to feed it. It's gorgeous in spring. I don't expect anything from it after that though.

It started flowering at the beginning of its third year -- after two years of growing.

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prickles(Los Angeles, CA)

Eden as own-root is a vigorous rose for me in Southern California, with excellent disease resistance: no mildew, no rust and, since bs isn't an issue here, no blackspot. Kate and Sidos are absolutely right about training it and that there won't be flowers for the first 2 years, just all growth. If you are patient Eden will be beautiful for you. Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice and comments. I bit the bullet and bought it yesterday on its own roots. The area I am in is bs heaven and I've just come to accept that as part of my garden. I could grow all the bs resistant varieties, but I always find them lacking so I grow what I want and if it blackspots oh well I can spray it or leave it but in the end I have the rose I enjoy and that's what makes me love and enjoy my garden more.

Grace e

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Agreed that it does well own root. It is comparatively slow to put on size. The advice to train before canes harden is good.

Young plants are essentially once bloomers, but established plants improve in repeat as the years go on. Eventually it will flush several times over a season.

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