Rosa rugosa alba

phil_schorr(z6St.Louis)February 3, 2012

Does anyone grow R. rugosa alba? If so, what zone are you in and how big does it grow for you? If you have deer, do they eat it or leave it alone/ Thanks.

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I had several of them. I've mostly gotten rid of them, but they come back for a while. They probably got about 6' tall, and suckered like crazy to spread. No deer, so don't know how they'd handle them, although I've cut them down to the ground and had them come back with no problems. A very nice rose--pretty bush, lovely hips, lovely, fragrant flowers with repeat blooms, gorgeous clear yellow fall color. Very healthy no-spray. They were just too big and thorny for our application, and were spreading too much. Would make a great hedge in a rural setting. You'll also get seedlings coming up.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Phil, I'm a new zone 7a (I was 6b until the new map came out recently). I have one Rosa Rugosa Alba that is own root. It is a 3 year old plant, and I would say close to 5 feet tall. I'm sure it does sucker since its own root, but I have it as a specimin plant in the middle of the yard, so I just mow around it and the suckers are cut along with the grass. Beautiful spring flush last year! Don't know about deer. I have a lot of deer near my house, but my yard is fenced and I have dogs (I've had more mole and rabbit problems lately than anything...ugh!)

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grandmothers_rose(z6b VA)

I agree with the size and suckering. I grew it also and loved the strongly scented perfectly white single blooms. VERY thorny. I shovel pruned it because it attracted every single Japanese beetle in the neighborhood. Frau Dagmar Hastrup was also lovely, disease free with shimmery pink flowers and met the same fate. I have way fewer JB's now. You all didn't have problems with the JB's?? Amazing. I don't have deer, but the rabbits never bothered either bush.

I made some pretty "chocolate leaves" from their leaves, too.

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I don't think deer would leave any roses alone, but this rose might be vigorous enough to endure their attentions and still survive, provided it had been protected while getting established. Absolutely wonderful fragrance. As for the Japanese beetles, well, they actually like all roses, but they do indeed seem to have a special taste for rugosas. Again, this rose is so vigorous that it would probably survive if protected while still small.

I do not grow it here in California where I live. This is not great rugosa country. But I grew up in Pennsylvania (zone 5) and my father grew them, which is where I learned to love them.


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Grandmother's Rose, My yard has been infested with japanese beetles every year since I bought my house 5 years ago...terrible little things! I never really attributed it to the roses, but you may have a point :)

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Mine on multiflora rootstock from Pickering growing in tight, acidic red clay tops out about four feet. There are deer herds that work that part of our property but they haven't shown any preference for the species roses.

About four miles from me (as the crow flies) a lady grew both alba and rubra in the well watered bend of a major creek. Her soil was very sandy with occassional top soil deposits from the creek flooding. Her rugosas topped out about ten feet. They were not agressive spreaders; they were very happy right where they were with ground water coursing by their feeder roots.

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