Impressed with David Austin florist roses

kristin_flower(4a)February 24, 2012

Today was my grandmother's 100th birthday. She had a nice little party at the assisted living center where she lives. When we went up to her room the first thing I noticed was a strong rose scent. Then I saw the bouquet of roses on her table. They were the best, strongest scented florist roses I've ever smelled in my life. Then I noticed the little florist card. They were David Austin roses from my uncle. Next time I order florist roses they will definitely be David Austin roses.

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Ah, how thoughtful for a grandma that turned 100. What a milestone! My dear mom passed away in 2010 at 92, and I always gave her roses on special days, and I don't care how old you are, you always miss your mom...

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They're a little pricey But "Oh, what a statement". A perfect gift for someone with a special day like 100 yrs.

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idixierose(z8b Coastal SC)

What is the specific variety name of those David Austin florist roses?
I'd love to grow that variety.

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I received a bouquet for Christmas as a gift, and it was a beautiful bouquet.

This pic shows half the blooms I received. I divided up the blooms between vases and thinned out the greenery to help it fit into the vases....

There were snapdragons and iris in the bouquet with the roses.

Another view of some blooms, with snapdragon...

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Several years ago I asked Michael Mariott if the DA florist roses that were just beginning to be offered for sale in England would be available as own roots in the US eventually.

His answer was that they wouldn't make it own root and that they required to be grafted and grown under high culture (not his words, but the impression I got) to make the kinds of blooms that florists wanted to sell.

I'm delighted that the beautiful roses with great scent were a gift to your Grandmother.

Could she smell them? I know a number of the elderly who have lost much of their sense of smell.

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I have Cymbaline, custom root, on order from Vintage. It is one of the David Austin cut flower roses not available from Austin as a plant. If you look up the names of the cut roses in the Austin catalog, you may be able to find them as plants at Vintage or other nurseries, custom root or not. I ordered the Cymbaline for other reasons, I had seen it in a book and been enchanted by its plant habit and of course it is highly fragrant.


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