Long time since my last visit....

ronda_in_carolinaFebruary 22, 2014

After RRD destroyed my garden of 70+ roses, I found it too hard to visit the forums here. Growing roses was how I spent every spare moment. Over time, some roses have survived despite being surrounded by RRD infected roses (and then neglect from being the lone survivors).

So, I would like to list those that have done well for me. I would also like to inquire as to if new knowledge has been gained on roses that show above average resistance to RRD.

Here are the roses, that after years of invasion in my yard (which is LESS than .2 of an acre), are still healthy:

Mrs. Dudley Cross (own root) high risk area
Fellenburg (own root) high risk area
Abraham Darby (own root) low risk area
Borderer (own root) medium risk area
Sophie's Rose (own root) high risk area
Double Delight (grafted) low risk area
Faith Whittlesey (own root) low risk area
General Galleini (own root) medium risk area
Gruss An Achen--Pink (own root) medium risk area

The following roses had RRD but with infected stems removed are still viable:
~Mutablis (multiple times on single stems over the years but main bush still thriving)
~Marie Pavie (one attack with stem cut to ground main bush still thriving)
~Green Ice (one attack with stem cut to ground main bush still thriving)

Worst case of RRD ever:
Climbing Pinkie

It has been fun to scroll through and see familiar names on this forum. I miss my roses and the kinship here. I am at a point where having a broad collection is less important than having a yard full of blooms so if you have knowledge of roses that are resistant to RRD--let me know!


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buford(7 NE GA)

Hi Rhonda, good to see you! I remember your beautiful hill of roses. I've had a few roses with RRD. I was able to cut out most of the offending canes and I'm still monitoring them. One that I cut all the way down and dug up the roots was Ballerina, which had a very bad case. But it was own root, and we didn't get all the roots and it started growing back last year, so far so good. I did find that directly behind the fence in my neighbors yard was a rose badly infected with RRD, so I think that's where it started.

Right now my main concerns are this horribly cold weather and what effect it will have on my roses long term. Some of them don't look so good...

Also, the county is doing a huge project in our subdivision and digging up most of my yard and I have to dig up 40 roses and will be replanting them. Some were very large teas.

It's always something....

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

I'm sorry about your roses Ronda. What a terrible disease. I hope you get some good suggestions for roses that are resistant.

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I should have mentioned that my enormous Blush Noisette held out from RRD until last spring. I dug her up but she refused to let go of the soil and so I cried the whole time until the last piece was bagged. She was my first antique and had even survived moving when I relocated.

By fall, three small bushes had returned from the roots that I missed and they look healthy. I am crossing my fingers!!

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seil zone 6b MI

Hi, Rhonda, welcome back! I'm rooting for you and your roses!

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hi, Ronda,
How is that beautiful Duchesse de Brabant that was in your front yard ? Wasn't that you that posted pictures of it? Maybe I am confused, though.

I am so sorry to hear about the RRD casualties, but am glad to hear of your survivors. I hope you get more info from people here. I used to live in Alabama when you posted back then and remember your rose hill and how you transformed it. Welcome back from me too! Gean/duchesse_nalabama

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I hope that now that the neighbors affected rose bush is gone that you will be free from RRD. Seems like the county should help you dig and move those roses!? Great to see you again!

Mendicino Rose-- Great to see you again. How is your lovely garden?


Hi Gean--

Alabama to the Puget Sound--that's a change, eh?!

My last two big losses--both of which broke my spirit--were the loss of my huge blush Noisette and the Duchess de Brabant. I believed that the Duchess I had might have been one of the best specimens around, as the roses were perfect in form with the blooms being more upright instead of drooping. That was something that came with age and size, and was worth the wait. Man, I loved her. She resisted RRD for a long time.

She eventually had one cane with RRD that I cut to the ground but two years later I found a very central cane that had it very bad. There was no way to get to and remove that cane without destroying the whole bush. Being that it was in the center I did not think the other branches would survive unaffected so we dug the whole thing. It took forever. Yep, I cried through the whole thing.

After two years of pretty much a blank slate of a yard, I think I may attempt to grow roses again. Maybe smaller plants will be less susceptible. Maybe the high season for RRD has passed my area. I was here for years without one attack..maybe I can get a few more years in. I can only hope we find roses that resist it to a certain extent that I can add and watch.

Its nice to see familiar names and to know that others are still plugging along in roseland. :o)

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I hope you have a lot of gardening happiness ahead of you. I can't imagine anything worse happening to a rose garden than RRD: congratulations on surviving it, along with some of your roses. Good luck!

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