Comtesse du Cayla & Louis XIV

adamharbeck(WA Aust)March 18, 2014

What can you good people tell me about these two?
Are they good performers in A warm-Mediterranean climate? Or are they sickly little things?


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CdC is good for me, in my Mediterranean climate: healthy, good grower, beautiful blooms. I seem to recall reports that the flowers fry quickly in the heat. 'Louis XIV' may be the old HT 'Nigrette'. I haven't reached any conclusions about it yet except that it will almost certainly stay small. It grows very easily from cuttings, which is why I have a few plants of it to play with. It has dark, fragrant flowers and I think may turn out a nice rose.

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Cayla grows quite well and the flowers last about thirty minutes in intense, arid, direct sun. Louis is very likely Nigrette. No matter what it is classed, do not expect a traditional HT. It is small, runty, prone to rust, mildew and black spot and the flowers last even less time than Caylas, but they ARE about as black-plum velvet as they can be. Kim

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