Classic Rose Fragrance

ArbutusOmnedo 10/24March 8, 2014

Today I experienced the first fully open bloom on Sydonie and it was wonderful. The first whiff was exactly what I had in my mind for classic Damask fragrance. Just divine. It was almost like rose water. There aren't too many roses I've tried that I would say have that fragrance. Rose de Rescht is a bit fainter for me, but similar in quality.

What roses do you grow that best encapsulate that smell for you?


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Crimson Glory has what I think of as the classic rose scent, and very strong, too.


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Several, if not all of the damasks I grow have that smell. Trigintipetala, Ispahan, La ville de Bruxelles, Madame Hardy among them.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

To my regret I don't think I have a single rose that really qualifies. Reine de Violettes may but all I have is one closed bud on my baby rose. Belinda's Dream, Bishop's Castle, Aunt Margy's Rose, Young Lycidas and La France come closest, but are probably not spot on.


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zjw727(Coastal Oregon Zone 8b)

Oklahoma! "Red HT" isn't really my idea of rose perfection, but I LOVE Oklahoma, largely because of the incredible fragrance. Rich, strong old-rose Damask scent, and the petals are like red-black velvet. Gorgeous!

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The only pure Damask that I can grow is Autumn Damask / Quatre Saisons. All the rest have a variation of it with other things mixed in. My favorite of the mixed damask fragrance is La Reine.

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For me, 'Centifolia' is as perfectly rosy as you can get, in scent, color, and form. I agree about Damasks and 'Oklahoma'; and there are a number of red HTs with strong Damask fragrance: 'Cl. Etoile de Hollande', 'Barcelona'/'Francis Dubreuil', and 'Mister Lincoln' come to mind.

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I would agree with those who suggested Crimson Glory and Oklahoma for pure damask scent. And also actual damask roses, too, of course! But I think CG and Oklahoma may actually have the fragrance in a stronger form than the original damasks.


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Best rose fragrance....William Lobb moss rose. It's wonderful :)

Not my picture, but closest I could find to what my rose looked like last summer... From Lavender's Garden

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lori_elf z6b MD

Mmm, I sure miss that scent and can't wait for rose season to arrive again.

I find that Ispahan is not very strong scented as far as Damasks go. Much stronger to me are Leda and some of the Portland damasks -- Marchessa Bocella/Jacques Cartier, Rose de Recht, Sydonie, Quatre Saisons, and Duchess de Rohan (VERY STRONG).

I agree that some of those red HTs are even more powerful -- Oklahoma, Crimson Glory, and Etoile de Hollande. Some of the older hybrid perpetuals are also very strongly old rose -- Mme Victor Verdier, Enfant de France, Baronne Prevost, Mrs. John Laing, etc. I don't grow many any more because of blackspot issues but loved their smell.

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

I would have to go with Barcelona/Frances Dubreuil for my nose, with Maggie coming in second. Both of those will curl my toes with what I consider classic rose scent.


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Hmm- classic "rose" smell like soap or sachets- Mme. Cecile Brunner and boy does that pack a scent wallop.

Rose smell like I think a rose "should" smell- Mr. Lincoln buds when they first open. It's a very "fine" smell to me, like an eyeliner brush, not as "broad" as the damasks or the Ceceil Brunner. (Boy, talking about scent is hard. I find myself saying the strangest things.)

My very subjective favorite though is my Mrs. Dudley Cross who, when I bring her inside, picks up a tropical white flower scent. Almost like ginger flowers or tuberrose. Not what I think of when I think of tea roses at all.

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