Is Sweet Juliet worth keeping?

jumbojimmy(Australa)March 25, 2014

I have this rose for one year, it's a slow grower and very stingy with blooms. I don't find this rose pretty. The rich peachy apricot colour bleach out so quickly. Not sure if I should keep it or throw it away.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

This is not one of the really popular Austins and is rarely mentioned on this forum--perhaps you have identified some of the reasons why.

On the other hand, Austins (and many other types of roses also) often take about 3 years to really settle in and get a well-developed root system so that they can bloom decently. You know the old rule: year one they sleep, year two they creep, year three they leap.

Which is why I always give Austins 3 years (sometimes 4 years) to show me what they can do.

On the other hand, our gardens are supposed to pleasure us, so if it really is that displeasing, get rid of it and buy something you can enjoy.

Or, while you are waiting for Juliet to grow up and flaunt her stuff, buy an Austin Munstead Wood and enjoy it. Mine was a light bloomer its first year but the blooms were gorgeous and I totally love that Austin! Can't wait to see how it will do its second year coming up here.

All of this is to say that some plants mature faster than others.

Hope that helps.


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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

You know a rose that's only a year old and that hasn't yet matured can be something very different from what it will be later. That said the bloom color that you don't like probably won't change. I know this rose is rather stingy on rebloom. I just have to say that I love mine. It's eight feet tall, healthy, gracefully arching, and impressive in full bloom.

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Like Mendocino, I also have really enjoyed my Sweet Juliets. At around age 3, she begins to fully mature. Juliet does require a little patience, especially when grown as an own-root rose, but her coloring is soft and lovely in my climate, the shape of her blooms is romantic, she's relatively healthy here in blackspotty PDX, and she's narrow and manageable in a mixed bed. If yours is planted in full sun in a hot climate, you might try morning sun only for richer, longer-lasting color. If you can tolerate the waiting period, I believe she's worth it. Oh, did I mention that her fragrance is delicious? Carol

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lori_elf z6b MD

I love mine. The soft color is nice to me, but the fragrance knocks your socks off! Mine grows about 7' high strong and self-supporting. The rebloom is good now that it has been established. It is also healthier and more resistant to BS than many Austins in this climate, a big plus.

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lenie(zone 7)

I have a sweet juliet and i ddnt like it at first year it ddnt really appeal to me but the second year it took off and blooms alot the third year it changes its color to a more appealing apricot and i love it now!just give it a chance,mine is about 7 feet tall blooms alot in spring and repeat well and more resistant to blackspot.

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Does anyone know an online source for this rose other than the David Austin site? It's pretty pricey there.

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I believe Heirloom Roses sells her. Carol

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Sweet Juliet was one of my favorite austins at Heirloom Roses display gardens last summer. She had a really good flush going in August when I was there. The colors, scent and bloom form were wonderful. I know how hard it is to wait for a rose to show it's worth though. I have a few here that I'm wavering on keeping. They're such young plants though that I feel it's not quite fair to decide at this point.

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Just an update. I'm keeping Sweet Juliet because I love the scent. The smell reminds me like the breakfast cereal, 'fruit loops' - so sweet and citrus-y. I don't think I've ever come a cross a rose that smells as good as her. The cons about this rose: her colors get washed out too quickly and she gets blackspot.

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