help pruning big girl bourbons and HPs

poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)March 20, 2014

Hello. I purchased MIP, Deuil du Dr. Reynaud, Svr. du President Lincoln (and 2 others I can't ID) as bands last summer. They are all planted together. No BS last year...super healthy and vigorous.
Now the canes are 12-15 ft long with 4-5ft laterals.
I'm not sure if I should let them go or prune them...
Also, what are the chances of seeing bloom this year?

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

If you have room I'd say let them do what they want to do. I grew my first Dueil de Dr. Reynaud up an apple tree. It was glorious. Some of these are great candidates for small pillars.

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

I will do just that! How tall and wide?

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Susan, I tend to give Big Girl Bourbons a wide berth, although not as much as Mendocino since I have an itty bitty garden. I tend to whack HPs (like HTs) because they often bloom on their tippy tops way above my head and I grow them to indulge in whiffs of their fragrant blooms. Big girl, itty bitty, tippy top! I must be spending a lot of time with my toddler daughter these days. Carol

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

Good night nose. Good night rose. Good night aphid in the rose. Love it Carol!
Since mine are toddlers I'm going to let them do their thing until I see negative consequences. Then I will give them a stern time-out.

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Happy gardening, rose mama! Carol

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

The Deuil de Dr. Reynaud grew taller than it might have because of the support of the tree, 10 feet. If it was free standing it would be wider and maybe 5 feet tall. You could keep it smaller with pruning. Souvinier de President Lincoln in my garden spreads out say 6 feet wide and 4 feet tall. Yours are bigger. it won't hurt them to cut a bit if you need to. BTW some people think that Souv. de Pres. Lincoln is Madame Isaac Periere. I have both and I'm not sure about that.

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And I know someone else who thinks that Deuil de Dr. Reynaud is the same rose as Madame Isaac. I'm thinking myself that a lot of these big fragrant bourbons resemble each other like siblings in a family with dominant genes. I went to high school with identical twins, and their non-twin sisters looked almost as much like them as the two of them looked like each other.

Of the roses you list I grow only Dr Reynaud, which I like very much. It gets mid-to-late season PM and rust here but blooms magnificently in the fall after most roses have shut down. Wonderfully fragrant, too. It's a keeper here despite the disease. There are a rare few roses that are so stunningly gorgeous that I keep them anyway, despite any little foibles. This is one. I have experimented with self pegging (way too much work) but ended up growing it as a free standing shrub. It wants a lot of real estate but I grow lots of nice perennials at its feet, and cut it back sharply in the late fall when that final flush winds down.


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lori_elf z6b MD

You should see at least a first flush on your roses this year. Repeat may be poor for several years until well established.

These roses can be trained to suit a variety of spaces. When the canes are young and flexible you can wrap them around a pillar, or fan out on a trellis or fence. You can tie the long canes to short spikes to peg them (which will encourage blooms along the canes like a horizontally trained climber without needing a trellis or support). Or you can let them grow straight up and cut them to desired height with blooms at the top of the canes.

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organic_tosca(9/Sunset 14)

Some HPs can look like beautiful hoop skirts if they are pegged, which will make the pegged cane sprout lots of laterals, which in their turn will sprout blossoms. It's a gorgeous look. Some people say do this preferably to an HP that has canes that tend to bend over anyway - others say don't worry about that, just do it to any HP. Don't know about Bourbons, but the Mme. Isaac Pereire in the Sacramento Cemetery rose garden is pegged, and it looks beautiful beyond words.

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