Mme hardy

dregaeMarch 15, 2014

I have always liked this rose and would like to plant it this year, however the sizes on help me find are a bit vague. When looking at pictures it can be a restrained though tall or it can be a sprawling behemoth. Does anyone here have experience with this rose and it's growth habits?

Grace e

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catsrose(VA 6)

Size will depend somewhat on your climate, soil, etc. Giving her shade will help restrain the growth. But, she is one of the most beautiful roses in the world, so who cares.

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Accd to HMF, this rose also is VERY resistant to blackspot, mildew, and rust (only a 0-5% infection rate).

I doubt that in your climate it would get too large.

This is one of the most beautiful roses in the world. I tried to grow it here, but it needs way more winter chill than we have, and languished. Your climate is perfect - what are you waiting for?


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ffff(Calif. 9)

It can develop into something like an Alba "tree", but if you're worried about that, you might consider Botzaris instead. It's at least as disease resistant in most settings, looks and smells quite similar, but stays fairly small.

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You all are great! I didn't wait any longer, Mme hardy is now mine and will arrive at the end of the month thanks to all you enablers

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I love her when she blooms, but she's had the worst crud the past two summers. I've been thinking about moving her somewhere that isn't quite so center-stage because of it. Anyone else have this problem with her consistently?

I've even considered a shovel prune its been so bad. Is this something that will continue or is it hit or miss depending on the year for her?

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

A lot of people consider Madam Hardy to have her own, special version of crud. Here, it is very consistent.

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Hi, Grace. I've grown Madame in Portland and she was pretty darn healthy and gorgeous. I grow Botzaris now because my yard is tiny. I can't speak to your climate, but I would guess that Madam is definitely worth including in your OGR collection and, as I recall, you have the space to grow her. She can be pruned to shape and can be grown as a climber. Her blooms and fragrance are heavenly to my eyes and nose. Carol

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organic_tosca(9/Sunset 14)

I've seen Mme. Hardy grown here in Sacramento, in a private garden, over a number of years, and it is beautiful beyond words. Also, it hasn't gotten HUGE, nor did I see any crud.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Above your head growth is typical.

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roseberri, z6(6)

Zaphod, I live in Central Ohio, and Madame Hardy is lovely in spring for me , she always gets the crud here usually in July. I do not spray my roses. She gets to about 6 feet here but we have had very mild winters and very hot summers until this past winter. I am not sure what she will be like this year!

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tandaina(WA (8))

I grew Madame Hardy in Michigan (zone 5) and she did beautifully for me. Sure she got icky looking in late summer but since my roses were all planted in among lots of perennials it really didn't matter. And her blooms were so pretty and smelled so good I didn't care. She's on my list for the new garden.

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I don't think it gets all that big in California, probably because it wants more chill than it can get here. Or maybe it just hates alkaline soil. Mine languished for years and years, eventually having a lot of cane dieback. It was part of the 25% I removed from my collection. Many people love this rose, but in my case it was the wrong rose for this garden.

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