Ok tell me about Rouge Valley Roses

rosewindaMarch 2, 2011

Ok sense sunny got me started now on this company, I'd just like to know how maybe some others felt about their order with them. And what about these bands they sell, are they able to go in ground or do they have to be babied for a while?


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I've ordered from them, and also visited them and bought roses directly. No problems. Lovely small nursery - it is surrounding a house on top of a hill with fabulous views. Several display gardens to get lost int.

In my opinion ANY rose that you get in a band should be potted up into a gallon can and left to grow for at least 6 months before you put it in the ground.


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Ok, will just tell it like it is. Every year I make a several hundred dollar rose order- this year it was from RVR. I'm not happy with it. If you are in the business you should know what you would want to receive- and so why send out stuff that you would not want to receive in return? I'm used to bands; I root my own cuttings all the time- so I know what a decent cutting looks like. They're having a serious problem with either canker or thaw/freeze damage. Why should I pay over $20 for a three inch cutting that has obvious, noticeable stem damage girdling the cutting- and not just one but about half of them have this damage. As far as the free roses- my guess is that this is why they are giving them away. I have four out of thirteen that I question will even make it. Sure some are fine and look great but where is their Quality Control? I almost took pictures but I will just eat it and order somewhere else next year.

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/sigh thats not encouraging! Oh plz take picture would like to see. I really want a few rare ones they have!

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My one and only experience with RVR is best described as neutral.

Let me say at the outset that the owner was most gracious when contacted and did offer to replace an entire shipment, which turned out to be unnecesary.

Last spring I moved across the country from CA to NY. I had ordered roses from Eurodesert, Vintage, and RVR in April to be delivered to new address in NY in late May.

Roses from Vintage and Eurodesert came on schedule.

Roses from RVR didn't come and didn't come. I contacted RVR, and the owner, after reviewing my account to see that I had actually ordered and paid for an order, agreed to replace and ship the entire order. Then, the next day, the original order did show up on my doorstep. I called RVR and said that the first order had arrived and that the replacement would not be necessary. Someone, I have no idea who, had sent my order to my CA address. USPS then forwarded the order to my NY address, which meant that the roses spent from 1 1/2 to 2 wks in transit, in summer weather, including, I have no doubt, languishing for at least one weekend in a warehouse.

I had clearly specified that the shipping address was not the billing address, and had also repeated that information in the special instructions section of the order. I was astonished to hear the owner say, during our conversation, that this was not the first time her staff had made such a mistake!!! I have lots of experience working in various offices, and, clearly, what happened here was that someone has or had figured out a cute shortcut to make him or her self look good at someone else's expense, and that the shortcut involved not double checking shipping addresses.

I have been ordering roses for over a decade now, from Vintage, High Country Roses, Greenmantle, Ashdown and Sequoia, and never have I seeen such an error committed. So at the present time, RVR is on my second string list, meaning I might order if they have something available no where else that I want.

The roses were fortunately a tough group and, with one exception, did grow.

I have also twice over the last few years sent emails to RVR which went unanswered. The first was regarding RVR status of their clone of Cl. Sunflare, which seems, alas, to be unavailable in nonvirused form.. I have grown both the virused and non virused clones, and I can say that the non virused is far superior to the infected clone. If RVR has a non-virused clone of Cl Sunflare, a splendid roses, I would think they would want that fact to be known.

The second was about availability of some of the more rare cultivars which they purchased from Ashdown. Lady Emily Peel, Captaine Dyeville (sp? the rare SDLM sport) were two in particular. To date these roses seem to have disappeared from commerce in the USA.

I understand that businesses might not have time to answer each and every inquiry they might receive, but, at the same time, it is my money I might be spending, or not.

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Up to now I bought only four roses from Rogue Valley Roses. Some of the bands were smaller than others, but they are all growing just fine by now, including the free rose and the mystery rose, that they sent in addition to the four I had ordered. RVR made mistake and selected a wrong rose, but after one phone call they sent the correct variety immediately. I would order from them again.

I second Jacqueline. I would pot up any band into a one gallon container before planting it in the ground.


Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Garden Dremas

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I ordered a couple of times from Rogue Valley last year. I try to use rose vendors that are in the same region that I am. Since we moved to Washington state last year I tried to find more local vendors. The roses were okay to fine. They did send one incorrect rose, and when I called them, they apologized and while they weren't able to send the correct rose, they did send an alternate as they were actually out of stock on what I ordered. Human error is part of life and I don't get too upset.

I can't say they were the largest or best cuttings I've ever gotten, but they are all okay, almost a year later. I also did enjoy getting the mystery and free roses they sent too. I'd order again. They have a large selection, which makes me happy.

Rosewinda, do you know about Help Me Find? I'll post a link.

Where are you? If you are in the south, and I'm guessing so from your zone 8b designation, you might also be interested in Chamblee Roses, Antique Rose Emporium in Texas or Burlington Roses, Vintage Roses in California. Hartwood Roses is in Virginia as well as several in Florida. There are others too, although not as many as there were.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rose Data Base with links to vendors carrying the rose

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HMF is my best friend! lol, Yes I have ordered from most down here, I like trying new places too. I already ordered from Angel Gardns and Rose Petal nursery. I love chamblee's will be ordering from them again and ARE and RU. I also have ordered with countryside roses also. But RVR has quite a few none of the others have so you bet your rose buds I wanna get them hehe.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

I don't order much anymore, but I HAVE ordered from RVR, and we have been more than satisfied with what we received. The RVR folks are dedicated and hard-working, and I love their list.

The most recent purchase was 'Licorice Tea,' a Paul Barden rose, and it's taken right off in a 1-G.

Like some others, we believe strongly in giving a young own-root plant a head start in a 1-G, before sticking them in the ground. Works for us! :-)


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I am interested too in getting a couple of Paul Barden's roses, and RVR is the only supplier that I know of. I'm waiting for them to restock on Treasure Trail, a moss as that sounds like a rose I'd like, as well as some of his new gallicas.

More dynamite needed here to blast holes in the glacial till. :)

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

Here's a link to my thread from last year when I ordered from Rogue Valley. I was extremely satisfied. I also didn't pot up into gallons and put them directly into the ground as I had some health problems and didn't have the energy to do much else.

Mother's Day and the mystery rose didn't make it, but that was entirely my fault as I left them in the bands too long with erratic watering before putting them in the ground.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rogue Valley order

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

Duh, I forgot to add that my roses bloomed a bit last year and put on a bit of growth. Nothing has begun to leaf out in my area yet so can't say how they made it through the winter.

For some reason all the pics aren't showing up on that link so here are the missing ones if it matters to anyone. RVR was having a special on roses that had split stems, which is what these pics are I believe.

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Input from across the Atlantic: I am quite satisfied with the four plants I received from RVR recently as part of a bulk shipment to a group of Swedish rose growers, one of whom persuaded RVR to ship to Europe, a first for them as they don't usually export. Three 'Marianne' were small bands, 'Radiance' was as sturdier plant. Bands are unknown in commerce here and large budded plants are the norm, but we are used to cuttings so naturally I potted them all up and all are doing fine in my cool basement, waiting for spring. Theyl will spend the summer in larger pots outside. I look forward to planting them out in August or September. If they don't look strong enough then I may bury the pots in my potato patch over next winter, covered with leaves, and plant the roses next spring. But I don't think that will be necessary.

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Marianne, I am astonished to learn that you can grow Radiance in Sweden. I love the Radiance group, and you have given me hope that if they can thrive for you, they can also be grown, with proper precautions for BS and cold weather, in central NY.

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Nastarana, I have seen Capitaine Dyel offered by Rose Petals Nursery in Florida. hth.

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I love their selection and I found their customer service to be excellent. After two plants (out of 4) were delayed being shipped I asked for and received an O.G.R. for my Mystery Rose which turned out to be a Bourbon. I was very pleased with this and the other 5 roses I received; 2 Westside Road Cream Tea, Clementina Carbonieri, Marechal N. and Celine Forestier were all good sized bands, and are thriving. I'll be ordering from them again.


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I have ordered from them many times, and never had a problem. The size of plants in bands can vary due to time of year, variety, etc. I've gotten large and small from every vendor who sells them, so you really can't use that to judge a vendor.

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I would order from RVR again, but it's not my first choice if the same variety of rose is available somewhere else in a larger size than bands. The bands we received were small (just a little bigger than rooted cutting size) and I just feel more secure in working with a larger plant; my first choice is always a 2-gallon size.

One of the bands we received did have what looked to me to be some dieback but I just cut that off and sealed the wound. That rose, along with the other bands RVR sent, grew and was doing fine for a couple of months until all the roses here in pots sitting together in the pot ghetto caught RRD (having nothing to do with Rogue Valley Roses and everything to do with having an infected rose moved into the area brushing against the other potted roses).

RVR was cheerfully willing to replace any plants I was worried about that didn't make it. That turned out to be unnecessary; they would have all made it just fine except for RRD that had nothing to do with RVR; after a short while the RVR bands were all growing at a fast clip in a gallon sized pot; I am probably more of a Nervous Nellie about plant size than I need to be.

There was one mixup on the availability on a plant that I'd ordered and originally expected to receive so that was a disappointment, but that can happen anywhere and it's really surprising it doesn't happen much more frequently than it does. I'd hate to be in the nursery business and to have to try to keep track of all the stuff they have to keep track of.

I love the RVR wide selection of varieties and appreciate the amount of time and energy spent in making their website a gem of handy information. I also appreciate their aim at growing roses organically. You might have less dieback with a bunch of chemically sprayed roses but if the roses are going into a no-spray yard, they won't have the adjustment bump to get over in starting to form the plant's natural disease defenses. From the tiny bands we got in the mail, they all took off really nicely, and I'd attribute at least some of that vigor to the bands' organic origins.

RVR seem to me to be nice people who are trying hard to do the right thing in their rose business.

Best wishes,

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Last year my RVR order had one stranger. They sent a replacement. Irish Flame shouldn't be white.
This years order had larger bands than last year. Of course I cant tell if they will survive or not. I received them a week and a half ago. That is the normal date that I request. Upon receipt I pot them into 1 gallon pots and set them in the green house. Right now they are all growing but slowly. Round about the end of May or early June they go out to the garden. This system has worked for me with all bands. I received an order from Euro-dessert late last june and direct planted them in the garden. Those roses have not thrived as well as the rest. So early time in the greenhouse seems to help.
Just my 2 cents.

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I only had one experience with RVR so far. I ordered two band size hybrid musk roses two years ago and promptly received the correct plants. It was my first time ordering band size roses. In fact, it was my first experience with own root roses since I used to grow exclusively hybrid tea roses (the horror I know). Anyways so the bands showed up and they were tiny but I planted them anyways and hoped for the best.

Fast forward two years, right now both of these roses are nearly 6 ft tall with 4-5 thick canes. Both are planted in partial shade by the way. So needless to say I am fairly happy with RVR. I would say that if you are patient and like their varieties, go with RVR. If you want instant gratification, try somewhere else.

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Yes, Nastarana, I just checked and Rose Petals Nursery has 3 Capitaine Dyel de Gravilles in stock.

teeandcee, those are very interesting photos of 'split stem' roses. I've never seen that before. Anyone know what causes that?

BTW, I have bought one rose from RVR, and that was 'Jeri Jennings'. It was fine though small, and she is still growing in my garden. Lately, I have been looking at RVR's site a lot, but I have no room so...


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Overall my experience has been positive and their selection keeps getting better and better in my opinion. In my last shipment I did receive two roses that were extremely tiny but I planted them (in the ground as I always do) and they are finally starting to take off. Others in the same shipment were vigorous and bloomed almost immediately. I did receive one rose which I did not order where the box had my address but the shipment order had someone else's name and an address in San Francisco! I called them immediately to make sure the SF buyer would get her rose as soon as possible.


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nastarana, I don't know yet how hardy Radiance will be in my garden. I have seen it only in the Gothenburg rosarium and in the rosarium at Sangerhausen, both in climates different from mine. My only other American HT is Sutter's Gold but I don't know how it compares to Radiance in hardiness. SO is doing well after three years but I usually give a rose five years before judging it. The few HTs I've had for 14 years are all doing fine, Elina, Mme Caroline Testout and Rose Gaujard. I hope Radiance will be in the same league.

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greybird(z7 TX)

I agree with the others, bands need a few months before sticking them into the ground.

RVR is wonderful for customer service and available selection of OGRs. Not much where else to go for Old Europeans since Vintage Gardens doesn't seem to propagate them anymore.
I never rec'd a mislabeled rose there. Band size varies as it does anywhere you order, depending on age and variety. No smaller at RVR than anywhere. As a general rule I have found the largest bands are to be had towards the end of summer.
I would not hesitate to order there. I like the shipping policy, one by one as opposed to multiples of 4, and no big old $9 ag fee. I order from them all and RVR is at the top of the list with VG.

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Weighing in again - I wonder of the sturdy bands I receive in late April are due to the later spring shipping - they just have more time to grow.
I always pot up the bands, usually first spring through fall on the deck where I can water quickly, then into the drainage ditch to be covered with leaves for the winter and into the ground in the second spring. But in 09 I had the new rose garden in place, and they went from the pots in April to the garden in July, and all did well, were all there last year, and received very little attention beyond spring and summer feeding and the usual spring cleanup. We had a very dry (some say MEditerranean) summer in 2010, too.
I'd hesitate to go straight into the ground, only because with my limited well water, watering is reserved for the "babies" on the deck and the vegetable garden, and it would be harder to remember to lug a bucket out to the rose garden.

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sherrycola and harborrose, I should probably not attempt the SDLM group in cold NY where I live now, but thank you for looking nonetheless. I think all the SDLM group are splendid in their proper climate, hot and dry, and I am glad to see that all do now seem to be in commerce. I saw a SDLM at the Garden of Legend and Romance in Ohio, and a pitiful specimen it was. In contrast, cold hardy roses, like Viking Queen and New Dawn were gloriously flourishing.

Marianne, you do give me hope. I wonder if we could prevail on you to, in another thread perhaps, describe how roses are winter protected in Sweden.

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

***teeandcee, those are very interesting photos of 'split stem' roses. I've never seen that before. Anyone know what causes that? ***

I checked and it was Madame Pierre Oger that had the split stem. She was fine last year and we'll see how she does this year.

I've linked a short discussion here on GW about split stems. I'm glad I have a record of which rose had it so I can keep track.

Here is a link that might be useful: split stems

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"Oh plz take picture would like to see."

Ok, I've had them for less than a week and they had already been potted up... I tried to bury the damage in hopes of developing some roots further up (and the instructions do say to plant an inch or two deep)... so I had to dig away some dirt to take these pictures.

Ok, here's a cutting that I rooted myself to show in comparison.

That's how they're supposed to look. I hate having to try and rescue something.

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In July 09, planting the little bands after only three months in pots, I managed to break one of the canes - it was only about 1/4" in diameter, and it was snapped with one side still intact. I splinted it with a little stick, wrapped it in black electrical tape (it was handy, what can I say....) and it never even wilted! Last year I carefully slit away the tape, didn't try to pull it off, but slit it so the cane could continue to expand.
Thos RVR roses are tough!

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Oh, Jon, the canker or whatever it is in the cold springs here would eat those for breakfast!

I have to be picky about my band-sized roses. I try to order from places that have the same climate when possible, and I try to hit the sweet spot as far as too cool and fungusy here vs sweltering in shipment.

I've never tried RV, but I sure do miss Ashdown! SC rose vendors have never failed me and my yard.

Vintage Gardens roses hate me a fair bit, for reference.

I also really wish there were a designation in between 'band' and 'gallon'at places. I've ordered from places with sturdy old bands, but I've also received barely-rooted one-caners that have made me a little angry, to be honest.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

BTW, just in case anyone should go looking for them, it's not "Rouge Valley" (as in red stuff older ladies put on their cheeks) but ROGUE Valley -- as in The Valley Of The Rogue (Rogue River, Oregon).

I just thought I ought to mention this, in case anyone tried to "Google" it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rogue River, OR

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I like the fact they sell 5 gallons and have ordered them before I hate waiting for bands

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Nastarana, I would never tell you what you could grow in your climate. I barely know what will grow in mine... I just mentioned it as you said you thought it was no longer in commerce. That's all.

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I've bought most of my roses (somewhere around 200 of the beasties) from RVR, all bands. RVR is kind of like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead--when they're good, they're very very good, but when they're bad they're horrid. Most of the bands have done very well. But I've seen--on an increasing basis--the kind of thing that Jon has experienced. And also have received the wrong rose many times--also on an increasing basis. Granted, they will fix things--eventually. Janet is great, if you can ever get through to her.

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Keep in mind, everyone, that Rogue Valley Roses is one of a diminishing number of small and struggling specialty nurseries. Cut them every bit of slack that you can afford or you will lose them altogether. Roses are not exactly a necessity (well, at least not to some people), and being in the business of selling interesting quality roses is a labor of love rather than of profit. So....do your best to help them to do their best. If they mess up, ask them nicely to fix it; if they disappoint you, tell them so they can improve. These are not corporate entities with bottomless supplies of cash and labor. They are valuable and vulnerable resources that we should be doing our best to encourage.


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Thank you Susan! I am a partner in a small business in a small town, and our competitors in nearby small city are mostly franchises/branches of the big guys. We offer incredible personal and individualized service - and we are doing fine. We all need to support these small suppliers, and think about the small village model, a village mentality - we can all win.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

That's why I will still order from Vintage! I love those guys. It's not their fault my yard has rougher conditions than some other folks'. I can honestly say that all the roses I've gotten from them must have left there looking great, albeit small sometimes. It's the time out of their hands that disagrees with my garden on ocassion. I certainly risk it when I can :)

I'd buy from RVR. I'm going to my more local standbys first, is all.

Long Ago Roses, for instance. I don't know her (have met her), but those are some sturdy roses built for NC. She's in NC :D She'll email you telling you how large the ones you'll get are right then. You can't beat that! Not everyone can do that, of course, but it helps.

Lisa at Countryside wasn't going to send me a certain climber because it had a bad spot up on one if its little canes. A deep south grown rose? I told her to send it on, and it did great.

I've had success ordering from far away, too, but the disease pressure is such here that I don't always risk it. And of course the shipping is more (Vintage has the Ag fee, too). Just buy from somebody trying to preserve and offer our kind of roses, I say :)

RU are my go-to guys, and I bought truckfuls from Ashdown. I mail-order(ed) from them, too.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I've never had an instance where there was a problem which the on-line nursery I dealt with did not immediately offer to fix. This may not be everyone's experience, and I suppose it depends on whom you order from. However, I'm incredibly grateful that these old-rose nurseries even exist so that I'm able to have the garden I want and dream about.

I salute the wonderful people at Vintage, Rogue Valley, Chamblee's, Heirloom and Long Ago Roses who've given me a garden filled with romantic old roses. I couldn't have done it without them.


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I'm kind of surprised at the negative comments about Rogue Valley Roses. I've ordered from them a couple of times. They have a good selection and have had things in stock when I could not find them elsewhere.

They were small bands but I potted them up into gallon pots and let them grow and leaf out before planting them. I lost one of them. They also GAVE me a couple of mystery roses that are doing beautifully but that I have yet to identify. They also GAVE me a split stem rose that looked a lot like the one jon had--that was the one that didn't make it. I can hardly complain--it was FREE.

The other roses looked good (but small).

I too, prefer larger roses but sometimes you take what you can get. I've been pleased with my orders from RVR and by the customer service I've received from them. I would not hesitate to order from them again if I couldn't find what I was looking for at a closer nursery.


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I have bought three split-stem roses from them (sold to me as such). All three still live and bloom.

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lovemysheltie(5/6 Chicago)

I just received my order of 4 roses (+ 1 free rose + 1 free mystery rose) from RVR. All are bands and all look good. I have repotted all into gallon pots and so far everything is fine. They do not look puny. This is my first time ordering from them.

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rideauroselad E.Ont4b

I just received my order from RVR . They left San Francisco on April the 13th, cleared customs in Toronto on the evening of the 15th, and were delivered to my door on the 19th. They were packed extremely well, pots and bands wrapped in plastic and taped to the sides of sturdy boxes. I was sent an email from RVR with automatic tracking of my shipment and a reference number if it perchance went astray once it crossed the border. So their new international shipping service is top notch in my view. I have lost imported roses on previous occasions from other American suppliers.

So I now have nine new roses, two in gallon pots. All of the roses are varieties that were previously unavailable in Canada, including 4 Barden varieties, one old Austin and two bands of Quietness. I have been trying to find a source that would ship Quietness to Canada for four years. I even contacted RVR the year before last to see if they would ship to Canada, not then, but now I have it. So kudos to RVR for making that happen.

The gallon size roses I received are lovely and large and ready to go, October Moon and Siren's Keep. The bands are small, but healthy and now potted in gallon pots for the summer.

Running a rose nursery is a hard businees. Cultivating and shipping living things is risky. So particularly when I get the kind of service and healthy plants I just received from RVR in an international shipment, I can only give them a thumbs up.

HHRD - I have Quietness in Canada!!


Rideau Rose Lad, aka Rick

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My dozen came yesterday - 8 I chose, two freebies from a list I chose, and two mystery roses, all in great condition, packed as described above. Plus, when you call them - there is a real human being on the other end! Thank you to Janet!

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maryann_va(z7 VA)

I've ordered from Rogue Valley Roses a few times, though not every year. The 2 Mariannes I received as bands a few years ago (4?) I planted directly in the ground and they are huge and healthy. I ordered a number of others that had to live in pots for a while, but most are in the ground now & doing well. I ordered 2 bands this year - Kathleen (HM) and Secret Garden Musk Climber. Kathleen went directly into the ground and is doing well, and SGMC had to be potted - her spot isn't quite ready yet.

I have no qualms about purchasing from RVR again or recommending them to others.

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

Wanted to update. My split-stem Madame Pierre Oger came through the winter just fine, is about 2 feet tall, and has a bud on it. Can't wait to see the bloom!

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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

I'm no expert, but I've been very happy with the roses I got from RVR so far. The only roses that didn't do well for me were Reine des Violettes (which is doing better now potted up, and my soil is heavy alkaline... and plenty of other people have had trouble with RdV establishing) and Gloire de Dijon, which again, plenty of other people have had trouble with, too.

The gallon La France cl. and the band of Mme Berard I got from them are majestic and growing very fast. There's no way you'd look at my reasonably large Mme. Berard this year and be able to tell that LAST year (mid year even!) she was a tiny band. And the Aimee Vibert band I got last fall is growing quite fast for a little baby that many complain about being slow to grow.

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ffff(Calif. 9)

In the last year, I've made 6-7 orders from RVR, all of which consisted entirely of bands. Over 20 bands total.

One rose sent was the wrong one, but alphabetically next door to the one I had ordered. This sort of error is common, and they sent me the right rose at no charge, so it didn't bother me at all.

One band didn't make it, but it was a rather frail sort of OGR, and they replaced it for the cost of shipping, in accordance with their posted policy.

All other bands I've ordered have been healthy, and done very well. Some I ordered last year were over a foot tall on arrival, and while this year's lot seems smaller overall, it varies a lot by rose. If you order something vigorous like Gloire des Rosomanes, you can expect lots of robust roots, and a plant that may be able to go directly into the ground. Slow growing or delicate roses would benefit from staying in a 1-2 gallon for a while first.

100% of my orders arrived when they were supposed to.

Summary: great selection, no gripes about customer service or shipping. I don't find a 5% infant mortality rate to be disturbing when the roses are replaced for the cost of shipping, but some customers might disagree.

I'll happily keep ordering from them, if I can think of any more roses that I need which they carry.

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