Anyone grown Che fruits?

AmericanchestnutDecember 2, 2013

Has anyone tried growing che fruits? I read about them in Lee Reich's book, Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden.
I am wondering if they taste good, and if people think they are worth growing.

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Since taste is quite personal that is a hard question to answer. I like but do not love them. They are a nice nible in the garden but I have never done anything with them in the kitchen except for drying them on 2 occasions. They did not turn out well. They may make a very good nectar or jam but I have not tried this. The fruits are quite sweet with no acidity and the flavor reminds me most of watermelon. So I guess I would say that if you are short on room this would not be the best choice.

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Remember to use the search function, you'll find a lot of topics on it, some lately.

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