flaming fury jumbo peach

grape-2006December 31, 2012

have any of you grown a flaming fury jumbo peach haow hardy are these peac trees? I know threre bred by paul friday in colma michigan?

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


You are referring to the cultivar PF 24-007. I just planted it for the first time last spring so I don't have any first hand experience with it.

At one time 24-007 was the world record holder for the largest peach. I don't know if it still is. Any PF peaches with a 007 suffix have some 24-007 in the genetics (28-007, 35-007, etc.).

I know a commercial peach grower who grows it and doesn't like it much. He indicated it produces an unusually large percentage of split pits.

I wanted to try it myself, but only put in a couple trees because of his comments. The grower has his trees on drip and fertilizes heavily, both of which produce larger peaches contributing to split pits. I wanted to see if the cultivar produced the same problems without drip irrigation and fertilizer.

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I got mine from Stark Brothers a few years ago and had a couple peaches in 2011 and about a dozen in 2012. They were large(some up to 4" Diameter), symmetrical, nicely colored, firm, sweet, decent flavor... not as sweet or peach flavored like a Redhaven or July Elberta, but a decent peach. I sprayed copper in the winter, about 4 triacide sprays during production, but the biggest concern wasn't disease but squirrels so i used tulle draw string bags on each peach.

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