Favorite stonefruit cross?

glieseDecember 14, 2009

Hi. I'm thinking about picking up a Flavor Delight aprium, Spice Zee nectaplum, and maybe either a Flavor Grenade or Dapple Dandy pluot. Are those good choices, or are there betters that would do well in zone 6, like maybe the Cot-N-Candy aprium or Flavor Supreme pluot? What stonefruit crosses are the best?

Thanks for any info.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

gliese: In PA none of them are good bets unless you are willing to build a shelter or greenhouse. The one that would bloom the latest is Spice Zee but the one report I've heard on it's fruit wasn't very favorable. Mine will fruit in 2010.

I don't like the eating quality of Flavor Delight and it blooms very early. Flavor Grenade and Dapple Dandy bloom very early but do set a lot of fruit in my greenhouse. Cot-N-Candy has good fruit but it is very small. It might work if you can grow apricots. Flavor Supreme is very difficult to set fruit.

Of the ones you list Flavor Grenade would be my first choice for outdoors PA.

Tomcot apricot would be a better choice than any of the above. Any good peach would bloom later and be easier to grow.

The Fruitnut

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

glies, Those fruits do well in long hot growing season on the west coast. Some may do ok on the east coast, but it is really uncharted territory. I am growing a Flavor King and I got 5 fruits in the third year, on other third year plum trees I get about 50 fruits or so. They are very prone to cracking and most ripen late in the season. Last season I planted a Dapple dandy, I read it and Flavor Grenade do ok on the east coast. Dapple Dandy is in the supermarket sometimes called 'dinosaur egg'. A reliable stone fruit cross I am growing is Spring Satin Plumcot. It is my earliest good plum and it is very easy to grow.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I would say growing them in the east is well-chartered territory ... a road right off a cliff! The only pluot I have heard is moderately successful with fruit set outside of the west is flavor grenade; I have not tried that one myself. I have had very bad luck with Flavor King (almost no fruit set and rot when I do get a couple to set), and middling bad luck with Flavor Supreme (very low fruit set; maybe every 3-4 years its sets OK). I think Spring Satin is pretty interesting, primarily because it is so early and its nice to get a decent (but not great) plum then. It also starts to fruit very young and sets a ton of (small) fruits.


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Aw crud, that puts a big hole in my ordering plans. I was planning on ordering from Raintree instead of Burnt Ridge for those, but now that I know this, I have no idea. Thanks for letting me know that the crosses won't work here.

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

gliese, Adams County Nursery in Pennsylvania sells apriums and pluots. They have a new pluot they say does good in the east called Flavor Heart. I've ordered one to try for my orchard.

Here is a link that might be useful: apriums and pluots

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