Black strawberry seeds

tony469(modesto zone 9)December 16, 2013

Has anyone grown these?i couldn't help my self and ordered some.after yes after I tried researching and could not find any real info.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Let us know how it goes. Strawberry seeds can be tricky to germinate. Usually only wild ones come true to seed. So not sure you can actually grow these if hybrids?

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They are probably over exaggerating the new âÂÂpurple wonder strawberryâ variety. Yes, it is darker in color but not black as depicted on the ad.
New Breed of Strawberry Is Deep Purple

Purple Strawberries

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This subject of black or whatever strawberries seems to come up every couple of months. I still haven't heard anyone report back on whether or not they got any to fruit/what they look like. Even the reviews I see for these on websites are always "I hope they are black when they fruit".... I'm skeptical.

Please keep us posted, even if you can't get them to sprout!

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tony469(modesto zone 9)

Going to give it a shot..I kinda figured they are fake or kind of like black tomatoes..but I like a challenge..thank you
for the responses

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I'd love to grow some black strawberries, but like the rest of you I'm highly skeptical, as I can only ever find the same two pictures of the things and they set off my photoshop sense something awful. I find people referencing black strawberries being used in London, but I can't find anything to actually back that up (you know, like restaurants in London saying they serve them).

I'm rather disappointed the GMO blue strawberries were a hoax, I would have bought those in a heartbeat. I see "african blue strawberries" on ebay, but those are even fishier than the blacks.

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Welp, I gave in and bought two packs of those clearly photoshopped black strawberry seeds. No telling what they'll actually be when they fruit, but I figure $2 a pop is worth it for a bit of mystery.

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I too bought "black" strawberry seeds. I started germinating them four days ago and one seed finally has roots (x.x). I've never planted anything in my life so only time will tell...

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yea that's what I need more seeds to play with ;)

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tony469: Black tomatoes are for real! Not the reddish-brown ones they've been calling "purple"or "black" (e.g. Purple Cherokee, Black Krim). These varieties were released by OSU Corvallis a few years ago, and the most widely available one is called "Indigo Rose". They're a dark purply-black--similar to the color of nightshade berries--except where the skin is out of direct sunlight, where it has a red spot (like the yellow spot on the underside of a watermelon). The inside is red. Mine were pretty tasty, especially considering I'm in marginal tomato country. They were saladette sized, about 50% bigger than a large cherry tomato.

Oh, and I would love to hear more about the black strawberries!

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