Best pollinizers for Dapple Dandy and Emerald Drop.

lyonsy(10 CA)December 9, 2012


I have a Dapple Dandy and Emerald Drop pluot for three years and they bear very little fruit. I live in Southern CA. I also have a Santa Rosa , Late Santa Rosa, Weeping Santa Rosa, Satsuma and Burgundy 3 large bee hives! Today I bought a Methley plum and was told it's flowering time should do the trick. Any thought? Many thanks. John.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


What you already have should provide plenty of pollen. Both DD and ED set a lot of fruit for me every year. In fact I always end up thinning each at least three times. So if they are blooming at the same time as the others, they should both set fruit. Methley can't hurt but seems unlikely to turn the tide unless it's a bloom overlap issue.

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If these are early bloomers your best bet is to use mason bees. Try to attract tham by buiding a mason bee house. It works in Virginia.

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lyonsy(10 CA)

Thanks for the answers. I have tried the mason bees before I had hives and they never seemed to settle here. However my bees will fly year round assuming the temps get up to 55 degrees, and it is that routinely here in our so called 'winter'. I will plant the Methley and it supposedly flowers early and we will see if that helps.

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Often fruit trees bloom when the cool weather restricts the work of honey bees. You need to use mason bees. A mason bee is a solitary bee that lays its eggs in holes about 5/16 in in diameter. It is easy to encourage mason bees to pick your place as a home. Build a mason bee house (search the internet) and hang it up facing south or south east. Mason bees polinate 20 times more than honey bees and do not sting unless caught. They start work earlier in the spring than honey bees and begin work when it is still cool and wet. I put up a mason bee house last March and it is now full of mason bee larva.

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