my peach tree's peaches

srp123auDecember 3, 2013

earlier this year I realised my peach tree has leaf curl disease. Unfortunately I was told I shouldnt treat it until when the leaves are gone again. However, there are peaches on the tree that seem like they have stopped growing. How long does a peach take to grow? And will treatment lead to fully grown peaches?
Help is much appreciated.

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Are there a lot of Peaches on the tree?That grouping looks like it may have too many.There should be about 6-10 inches between each fruit for best growth.Maybe it's the angle of the camera shot. Brady

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Hi Brady
Yes there are a few peaches on the tree probably more than 10.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Peaches have a growth pause at that point in the growth, they are hardening the seed shell. The growth should pick up soon.

There is no reason to treat curl now because it won't help. Spray lime-sulphur at leaf fall and before leaf-out. Based on how little curl I see in the picture it should not set your tree back too much this year.


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I wish my untreated trees looked like that.

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i just talked to the nursery lady who informed me that it was leaf curl originally and told me of the growth phases and that the biggest peach should be picked from the grouping so good grow occurs. She told me to pick off the leaves with the disease it was not the entire tree just some branches. thanks.

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Did she mean,keep the biggest one and remove the others?That's what I'd probably do.
The infected leaves will most likely fall off and new ones will take their place,but the tree should still be treated when dormant.In any case,throw away or burn them. Brady

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Yes, it does help to pick off and dispose of the leaves if there are not too many. I never need to spray for curl anymore because I pick off leaves the instant it shows up, and it doesn't come back there the next year.


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By the photograph, It also looks like your peaches are not getting enough sun light. That will also keep them from growing.
Peaches need to be pruned to an open vase system so that the interior of the tree is exposed to the sun. Yours does not appear to be pruned that way.

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