Bird drop seedling

LewaneMarch 18, 2012

We noticed about 2 months ago a small seedling coming up between Princesse de Nassau and another Noisette that I can't remember the name of but will probably be able to identify after it blooms. I finally got the nerve up today to dig it out of the ground and pot it up and by golly it has tiny buds on it. I am so excited - my very own personal noisette. Right not it's not even 6 inches tall but is nice and bushy and I know I shouldn't let it bloom but I JUST GOT TO SEE THE BLOOM. When it blooms I will try to get and post pictures if I can remember how.

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seil zone 6b MI

How exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing your tiny treasure!

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This is so exciting----can't wait to see the pictures--

Good luck


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I have one of those I am growing in a pot. Be prepared for a long wait. I've had mine for three years now and it has not bloomed yet. Somehow I can't discard it until I see what it looks like.

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