Planting Fruit Trees

steveeasomDecember 5, 2012

I've been in the USAF, just bought 40 acres and will be moving into our new home in Feb. I would like to plant some fruit trees, We are SE of Oklahoma City. What fruit trees would be best to plant and when is the best time to plant them? Thanks!

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Hi Steve,
Here is a link from another person on gardenweb,who gives some suggestions. Brady

Here is a link that might be useful: Fruit Trees in OK

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get bare root trees appropriate for your area and plant them in very early spring. Do a lot of reading so you know what rootstocks are best for the pests and parasites in your region. read up on dwarf, semi dwarf, and

A good option is to find a couple local orchards and ask questions there. ditto for county extension agent or whatever is your local equivalent.

I did my 1st planting 4 years ago and I'm still on a very steep learning curve.

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I thought that list was quite poor. It fails to distinguish between storage and fresh apples, it does not list the most cold hardy figs, it does not tell you how to plan for as long an harvest as possible. Cherries, as mentioned later in the thread, do not do well with late freezes which are more common in the Plains.

What I would advise:

- select a full sun site. Fence against deer (perhaps with electric) within the first year. If solar, use specifically deer chargers, not cattle chargers

- test the soil right away. If possible, amend with organics tilled in (come back here for help with your test results) in February. I started one in Winter 11-12 and I brought in 40 cubic yards of chips (not tilled in) for 1/4 acre.

- the best time will be in spring, probably April. Concur on bare root trees from reputable nurseries.

Probably you will want apples. I note that you may have only apples 6 months of the year, say December through May. So make sure you plant more apples, of storage types. You will be a happy camper in late spring. Of the storage apples, due to a combination of disease resistance, relative ease of growing, taste, and storage ability, Goldrush is the standard. You might eat fuzzy kiwis for a long time too (my father in law kiwis last from November through May), though they are even more susceptible to late freezes, and the culture requires much more water and manure, though no spray.

To start the fruit season in June, you probably want a mulberry or two. You have many possibilities for harvest after mulberry and before storage apples. No spray options include persimmons, mulberries, pomegranate maybe, chestnut and hazelnut and pecan, figs. Here in Michigan cherries and grapes can be grown without sprays too. Carefully check the time to first harvest, as things like pecan and kiwis make you wait many years.

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+1 on cherries although the birds can make getting a harvest a challenge since they'll strip an entire tree in a single day.

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