seeds in persimmons

napapen(ca 15)December 7, 2012

I have occasionally found a seed in the fruit but this year there is alot. I am a seed saver and wonder if it is worth the work to start these seeds. There are 7 I have saved and dried. I read they need 2 months in the refrigerator. How do I know they will even bear fruit?

Would it be faster to take cuttings? do they need grafting?


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I'm pretty sure you don't want the seeds to dry out. With some seeds thats okay but I think with persimmons it drastically reduces germination potential. I think seedlings are what all persimmons are grafted onto, so if you want to propagate a persimmon tree yourself then seeds are the starting point, but if you have a named variety grafting is the way to get another tree of the same variety. If you just grow out the seedling you may get a male (that produces pollen but no fruit) -- persimmons are one of the relatively few trees that are male/female -- or you could get a less desirable female, but there's a chance you could get a good female.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Are we talking about American persimmons or Asian? If American yes they are male or female and grown from seed. If you mean Asian they are grafted on to American persimmon roots. They all produce not a male female thing like the American. That is how I think it works as I am far from an expert on persimmons. If I am wrong someone will be along to correct me.

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A UC Davis fact sheet about kaki persimmons says:

Deciduous tree; dioecious to monoecious but androdioecious and tri-monoecious ones exist. Most cultivars pistillate or pistillate-sporadically. Certain cultivars in certain environmental conditions can set fruit parthenocarpically.

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napapen(ca 15)

The tree with all the seeds is Asian. I hadn't realized they were grafted onto American. I looked at all the Internet sites on persimmons. Maybe I will give up the idea of growing seeds!! Thanks for help Penny

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