Prime-Jan Blackberry in my location?

steve333_gwDecember 30, 2012

I would like to try a blackberry in my rather harsh environment (CO mountains, zone 5a usually, and quite windy) and was thinking of trying some Prime-Jan plants next spring. They are supposed to be a primocane variety and will fruit on new canes (which is about the only way I usually get berries) and I thought they might work here. But I'd rather not waste time, money and effort on something that will never produce for me.

What do folks think? Any chance of blackberries here from this variety? (I am having some success with the spring bearing primocane raspberries FWIW).


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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Prime-Jan Blackberry they produce only once year in your zone they need longer growing season to bear twice in one year you make with Prime-Jan Blackberry on flora canes to fruit. There variety out that new I haven't look into its Prime O Fruiting blackberry. Prime ARK 45 what called in north you mow down canes in fall after fruiting this make act like everbearing raspberry I don't no any nursery that sell these other than Pense in Arkansas there phone/fax number 479.369.2007 you may google Prime ARK 45 find others.

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FWIW, Prime Jim and Jan have been the worst blackberries I've owned. Then again, none of the Arkansas series has performed well in my area. They have neither been flavorful nor productive. I like their upright habit, but their canes have been sparse and brittle despite their thick size. Frankly, I don't like their thorns either. They also didn't double crop as they were touted to do.

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Confirmed nasty thorns, just okay berries. I have Jim/Jan/Ark. Wish I had just put all thorn less varieties, maybe I'll eventually switch them out. Nice upright growth habit though...

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If your looking for upright growth and don't mind thorns Chickasaw has performed very well for me. Very productive large berries.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)


I don't have experience yet with blackberries but I would like to throw out a thought. My experience comes from figs, Chicago Hardy to be exact. I had the same rational when I bought my figs thinking that if it produces on new wood I would get a crop. Unfortunately the new wood does not mature and produce quickly enough in our area. I have gotten some figs to form but never to ripen. This year I have one fig planted outside close to the foundation and well protected, and several in my garage in a tiny space with a heater connected to an outlet that will turn on at 37F. I hope to get some figs this year some how.

I too would like to try blackberries but have decided since they won't survive without protection I might as well protect them and try to get a harvest on the old wood since I know I will not get a harvest on new wood. I ordered Siskiyou as an early ripening type knowing it will have to be protected. It's just an experiment and I wish I could give you some results but I don't have any yet.

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