Souvenir de la malmaison

boncrow66March 27, 2014

I am interested in maybe buying a sdlm this weekend and would like to know how well it does for others. I am in zone 8(SE Tx). Is it a tall or compact bush and does it re-bloom well? I have read a little bit about it but would like to hear from someone with first hand experience and so far everyone has been great answering other questions I have posted. Thanks!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

It is the most beautiful of all the roses. I have 12 of them. Once established, they grow a little taller than I, and I am 5 foot 2. I grow them in threes, and they are beautiful. They are fast bloomers. I am often lazy about deadheading, but they don't care.

I recommend them.


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I am thinking of combining it with a Abe Darby and a cl pinkie. What do you think?

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I cannot really picture that. I do not grow David Austin roses, but when I did, I tried to keep them separate from my older roses.

If you are looking at putting them together, I bet you are looking at a much larger bed that mine are.


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I have room for 3 together. Maybe I will get 2 sdlm and put Abe in another area. We just completed a huge deck at our lake place and I am ready to plant roses! My deck is a fairly tall height so I can get away with roses that grow tall. I am still in the process of designing and trying to figure out what I want. This forum has been extremely helpful thanks to all the nice people. I love hearing everyone's ideas.

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It's a blooming fool here. I have two in ten gallon pots, one on Fort, one own-root. I'm anxious to compare the two as they mature. Both are very healthy so far.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

If you look at my post "Early Spring - Part 3", you'll see several pictures of SdlM, which should give you a good idea of its appearance, although of course in your garden it might be shorter or taller or broader, etc. For me it blooms at least ten months out of the year, but of course that's in mild southern California. It's a really beautiful rose in every way.


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Sow_what? Southern California Inland

I've fallen head-over-heels for SdlM thanks to this helpful forum, and have one coming. I plan to use mine with two David Austin roses: Tradescant and Carding Mill, pictured below (not my photos, but used with permission). The deep burgundy, pinkish-peach, and pale pink color scheme should be very pretty. Colorwise, I think your choices will work too, as long as the photo colors we see on our computer monitors are true. But it also depends on what else you have going on in your garden, and how you want it to feel. Color can really affect the mood in your garden.

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Sow_what? Southern California Inland

Here's the second rose, Carding Mill. I guess we can only upload one photo with each post?

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Yes, if you use GW's method of uploading pics, only one can be shown per post.

You need to use a free place like to store your photos. From there you can load multiple pics per post.

Lovely Austins!


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I live northwest of Houston and have had several SDLM's for about 5 years now. This is one of my very favorite roses. The blooms are beautiful and the bushes (incredibly) stay bushy and full, which is an important criteria in my yard. I keep mine around 4 feet tall simply by using hedge shears in the spring and it's good about maintaining that bushy form.

It isn't prone to defoliating with BS although it will get a small amount when it is particularly humid. It's not particularly noticeable even when it drops some leaves because there is so much foliage.

Mine is planted in a bed with Reine de Violette, Blueberry Hill, a few Angel Face's and a random Distant Drum.

Highly recommended!

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I just got home wth my SLDM and am super excited to plant her tomorrow. I went pink crazy and am going to put her in front of a cl pinkie and Evelyn. I think all the shades of pink will be pretty. And I did see your pics Ingrid and that was what made me want a SLDM. Thanks!

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Excuse me SDLM, I had my letters wrong :).

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Boncrow, just for the record, I think your roses will blend nicely. I combine Austins and OGRs all over the place. I also break the rules and throw in HTs (carefully placed) and floribundas. Eventually, I'll post photos. I'm in the process of rearraging my whole garden. Don't ask.... Carol

Sow what, you've hit on one of my favorite combos! Dark red, apricot and blush to white. I used Tradescant; Abe Darby or Tamora; and Sharifa Asma, Blush Noisette, Souv de la Malmaison or Glamis Castle in several designs. I still grow some combo of these three colors in my own garden. Carol

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Sow what, and if it grows well in your area, Lonicera periclymenum 'Serotina' looks smashing with deep red, apricot and blush/white. The fragrance plays nicely with the scent of roses. Carol

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We just built a huge deck with a arbor on one end and that is where most of my roses will be planted. I honestly didn't think about the color scheme I just bought what I thought would do well for me and I am putting the sdlm and Evelyn where I can see them best when I am sitting on my deck and that happens to be together. My pink Don Juan will be in the trellis side of he arbor in between the cl pinkies, he has plenty of room to spread! I will be able to play more with different color schemes with GC as he will be by himself for the time being. My deck is very tall so the taller bushes appealed to me as far as taking up some space.

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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

Congrats on your new SDLM.
I'm in the Dallas area, and it does great here.
It blooms alot and is most stunning in the fall.
It's healthy for me and very dependable.
Would be 5 ft tall if I'd allow it, but I prune down the height. Mine grows every bit as wide as tall. Canes are stout and well-barbed, so don't plant it next to a walkway.
Blooms do well cut in a short vase for me.


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I am very excited for my first bloom! I know I won't be disappointed.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

She's a great rose here except during extended periods of wet weather.

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Sow_what? Southern California Inland

Boncrow, I'm excited for you AND with you; awaiting arrival of some of the same roses for a new garden at Humpty Dumpty House. I'm wishing you many blooms!

Carol, thanks for the suggestion; I've not used Lonicera, and am always thrilled to try a new plant. I'm very happy with the dark burgundy, salmon, palest pink color scheme for this particular garden -- deeply romantic, yet playful. I just hope the roses cooperate. How did your Tradescants do? And is your SdlM a very pale pink? I have Alnwick newly planted (bare root) in the garden, and have my fingers crossed that it's a more saturated pink than SdlM.

harryshoe, thanks for sharing your lovely photo.


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Jannike, my Tradescants have been good performers but have taken a while to establish when grown own-root. Worth the wait. My climate is very different from yours and I will be curious to hear how your plants progress. I believe Tradescant can become a more substantial rose in your climate. It reaches about 4 feet in my garden when grown as a shrub and lightly pruned. In Portland, it can also be a stiff, small climber when coaxed and encouraged. Tends to bloom and rest in cycles. Gorgeous, fragrant, mostly disease resistant in my organic garden. My Souv de la Malmaisons have been blush. In my cooler, cloudier climate, Souv is pinkish white in hot weather and whitish pink in milder weather. Always fragrant and lovely. Balls when wet, so I have to toss a batch of blooms sometimes, but Souv is worth it! Both of these beauties are very romantic. I can't help sticking my nose right into their yummy fluffiness. I'll be curious to hear about Alnwick. I haven't grown it. Carol

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Harryshoe the pic of your sdlm are gorgeous. Can't wait for mine to bloom as well

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Mine also turns white in full sun. It's a slow grower, blooms a lot; gets mildew and blackspot if I don't spray. It handles hot weather very well. The blooms are beautiful and romantic. At times, I find myself bored with the bloom colour.
The leaves on mine are small and pointy which I don't like. I hope they get larger when this rose matures.
I also have a Claire Rose which resemble a lot like SdLM. Between the two, I prefer Claire because in some blooms there can be peachy colour.The scent on SDLM is like peppery to my nose - definitely not nice.

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I happened to have a heirloom that I got a few years ago from Chamblees and it has been in a pot until this morning. I decided to put it in between Evelyn and SDLM in a triangle shape to break up some of the pink. I hope he likes his new home, he was getting scrawny in my pot, don't think he liked it very much.

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