Belmont Yellow

roseseekMarch 11, 2012

Has anyone grown or studied Belmont Yellow, the yellow found poly? There is a real lack of any botanical information about it and I'd love to determine how it compares to Schmidt's Smooth Yellow. Any information possible would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Belmont Yellow

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

I've grown Belmont Yellow for several years. (More than six) I had one single bloom sport to a single, and that didn't happen again on that cane.

It does have thorns, and because it's a low grower they are hard to see (but easy to feel).

The foliage is clean and smooth, but then PM isn't a problem in my garden.

In a Lovett catalog at the US Dept of Agriculture library, I found a picture and description that resemble Belmont Yellow slightly. (Lovett was not just the Father of the three Lovett sisters for whom Van Fleet named roses, Lovett was Van Fleet's neighbor) My copy of that part of the page is blurred, as no photocopying is allowed and only digital cameras without flash are allowed.

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Thank you Ann! I'm familiar with the Lovetts and Van Fleet. Might you remember the name of the rose in the Lovett catalog which resembled Belmont? That might give a good place to start. Also, what color is the new growth spring through summer, please? Do you notice a lot of red tones to the wood or does it remain green? Thank you! Kim

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

I'll keep looking for the digitals I took up in Beltsville.

New growth this year is a red edge to the leaves, but the leaves themselves are not at all red, even at their smallest. The red edge (were it permanent) could almost be called picotee. The leaves don't keep the red edge very long, and the red becomes the green that's in the HMF photos.

Buds open with sepals bending back and exposing a refined light yellow that is more like clotted or heavy cream. Really a great shade of yellow that I wish more roses had. As the petals open, the cream becomes white with the faintest cream backstory.

The canes and stems have never been especially red, even as basal breaks.

I think BY grows best with a fairly constant source of water and moderate fertilizer. I don't see it getting tall, but being a front of the border rose of the most desirable character.

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Wonderful Ann, thank you! This helps greatly. Kim

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Once I extricate my Belmont Yellow from the grips of neglect in the rose field, I will let you know how it does this year. It's alive, I know that for sure, but it's very small still.

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