How many do I need?

kahlanne(z8 LA)February 28, 2007

My math isn't the best much less when you add patterns into the mix. Can you help me deside how many bricks I would need? Basically I am creating a patio under an oak tree with some existing old bricks and adding new ones to enlarge the patio. The old bricks will be used in a 4'X4' basketweave pattern. THe new bricks will be placed in a running bond pattern around the square basketweave pattern enlarging the patio to a size around 9'X11'. It can be slightly smaller or larger to get the design correct. Can someone clue me in to how many more bricks I will need? I have tried and can't seem to figure it out. Probably making it more complicated than necessary. Also, will the running bond pattern need an additional border or something around it? If so, what do you suggest? Would you do it in the same bricks as the "new" ones from the running bond or would you purchase a third style of bricks for that pattern? Hope you can understand this. Thanks for your help.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Go to a brick/masons yard, since they are in the business of selling bricks, they're very experienced in how to calculate the quantity needed.

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robin303(8b Tx)

Some brick yards will only sell you a pallet and will not sell you what you want.

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the pattern used wouldn't affect the quantity.
I've used this for similar calculations.

Here is a link that might be useful: brick calculator

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