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tufftufa(Z9 coastal SC)March 29, 2007

So now I have a sufficient stack of stone, I'm about to start laying out a patio. I've never done heavy work (but since I've picked these up, put them in the trunk, taken them out, cleaned them up, moved them to the back yard, sorted and stacked them by size over many months, I am not exactly unknowing) and I wanted some advice about lifting.

You see men wearing harnesses that have a wide girdle at the waist and fairly wide suspenders. You can buy them a the big box stores. Should I invest in this? I'm 64 and the 230 pound weakling. Want to take care of myself. (I'll have a helper, a husky 18 year old motivated by cash, not duress.)

Have good heavy gloves I'm well accustomed to. Advice will be appreciated.


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The best thing you can do is lift with your legs and not your back...although doing "ground" work it can be difficult to follow this pattern. I don't think the extra back support will necessarily prevent you from injury, but a good stretch before and after your work will help keep your muscles from snapping. Also, drink lots of fluids and breath well to keep your muscles oxygenated.

Another tip is to break the job over several days...say, do a portion a day and before you know it you'll be done. I have found this produces higher quality results because when you're working "tired" you tend to cut corners.

Good luck!

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