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coopcarcamApril 13, 2007


i live in DFW area of texas and found some pretty white/orange (clay) color rocks at a construction site that I plan to use to build a walk way from my front yard to my back yard. My house is fairly new so I can rip up two sections of bermuda grass sod in less than an hour. The rocks range in a variety of sizes, but I picked out the ones w/ the flat surfaces as I have kids who will be walking on them as well.

Since I am a little new to something like this - I have a few questions:

1) How deep should I dig?

2) Do I level and tamp down the base?

3) Should I use regular sand or concrete sand or no sand?

4) What type of fill should go on top to fill the rest in?

I am not sure I want to fill in w/ mulch or let the

bermuda come back and fill in between. If so - can I

just lay regular topsoil?

5) Any other suggestions? Money is tight, So i want to keep under $100.00

Thank you very much in advance!!

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robin303(8b Tx)

I like setting my rocks flush with the grass. That way your lawn more goes over it. I like to do it right so I set them in concrete and have a 2' level so you place the rock while the concrete is still wet then level. I dig the hole about 2 to 3" for the concrete. The big thing is the spacing which is comfortable to me like 32" center to each rock. E-mail me if you want and I do this for a living.

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