Finding Old Millstone and Grindstones.........

gardenlady48(z5 IL)June 26, 2005

I would love to hear how any of you have come by your treasures of millstones or old grinding stones. And specifically, what part of the country. I'm quickly learning that they are quite valuable in different areas. Here in Illinois I have had 4 given to me which is pretty awesome to me! I'm using 3 right now as a water feature. Sure would like to find some millstones though. Thanks for sharing your story!

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andrea_san_diego(z10 So Cal)

I've seen them for sale on various websites and boy are they espensive! I plan on making some with hypertufa to create a fountain which will save me a lot of money. Just make a circle with aluminum flashing on plywood and line it with plastic wrap, then fill with hypertufa. WA LA! Cheapo millstone in any size you want.

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treebeard(z5 MA)

If you spend even just 10 minutes Googling for 'millstones', I think you'll find that given market price for these things, and depending on their size, you may just have a small fortune in millstones sitting there. We should all be so lucky to get things like that.

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stoneguy(Zn 7 MD)

All the old domestic (Mid Atlantic) millstones seem to have found their permanant home is someone's garden. I have not been able to find any locally in over 15 years.

I have, however, found a source for old Chinese millstones & troughs, which are pretty cool. The millstones are only 20" - 26" diameter, thickness from 3" to 8". IIRC, we are selling them for about $200.00 in Rockville, MD

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If you are up for an adventure, have the skill to scuba dive in a dry suit, have a really big boat with a really strong crane and don't mind the really cold waters off the coast of Maine, you might be able to get some mill stones out in the bay off Eastport, Maine.

Last summer a tourist came into the Mustard Mill where I work and where we still use the same stones that were set up by our owners grandpa back in 1902. He said he just saw a lot of the mill stones on the bottom of the bay. I guess they used to use them in the bottom of the boats for weight....

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We're in CT and we've found 4 complete millstones and 4 half millstones buried in our back yard! Although they appear to be worth a lot of money if you surf the net, no one in my area has been willing to pay more than $300 each for them. So they are in my gardens and we're using one of the halves as a stoop for the garage back door.

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It's interesting that so many folks are looking for old millstones. I have collected them for a few years now, and have a pretty nice collection. I have 22 millstones of various diameters and thickness. I've decided to sell my collection as a whole, so if anyone is interested in buying , please contact me by e-mail or phone. I can
e-mail photos of them. Yes, authentic millstones are expensive. I'm located in Northeast Tennessee.

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We had 10 millstones stolen from our property. Can anyone help us find them or let us know where to buy more? They were 8" thick, 18-20" diameter with a square hole. Any help would be appreciated. email: or phone (812)449-4336

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I have a wonderful water feature of 3 various sized stones small, medium and large, one of top of the other. I spaced each with three small stone (which are tucked toward the back close to the whole out of sight) the water flows down and has a small (maybe 1-2") drop to make the water nosier. The square hole is perfect for a small pump tube to come up through and gently cascade over the three stones. I stablized the tubing in the square hole with several small polished stones. I also have the polished stones (purchased at the Dollar Store) around the base to hide the screen. Looks very neat and I get a lot of comments on the whole thing. I originally was looking for the grinder stones for a walkway but decided I'd enjoy this water feature much more and I was right.

Look around PA and Ohio. The rural areas are where they used them originally to sharpen knives and farm tools. The hand made ones just aren't the same. One of mine came from NB. One from Maryland and one from PA.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Why doesn't anyone who is selling or saying stolen say what state they are in? Most people aren't willing to pay for shipping these heavy things.

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I have several millstones available for sale at my business in Fishersville Virginia which is near Staunton in the Shenandoah Valley near interstate 81.
I would be happy to supply pictures and prices for those who inquire!

Here is a link that might be useful: Augusta Outdoor Leisure

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When emptying a straw mow in a barn I bought,I found a grind stone with stand in very good condition.It still had original paint on it.The only thing that was missing was the foot pedal board .The wheel was in exelent condition.I would say the wheel was about 30 inches in diameter.
It's still in my shed,but I'd like to put it on a porch along with some old 2 man saw blades I also found.


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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

I made these. I wanted some large substantial stepping stones at the edges of my gardens, something that can withstand the wheelbarrow bouncing on them. I love the look of millstones but can't afford them. It was also hard finding smaller ones but even when I did find them they still cost too much for my budget. So I figured out how to make my own.

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rosebush(z7 NC)

nmgirl, Great job!
Please share details or email me. I would love to try making some of these. :) Thanks!

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NM Girl, can you share the info on how to make these beautiful "stones"? I was curious as to how you got the markings in them and what you used for a form. thanks

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NM Girl,

Please let us know how you created those great millstones. Count me in if you are sending private emails about it.

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I have just pulled a 68" millstone out of my yard and was offered 800.00 for it. I've seen them priced for 7600.00 on some sites. Don't know if I should sell for 800.00. Any ideas?

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For : timlaw

Can you e-mail me a picture of the 68" millstone that you have. Thanks

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For timlaw--if you are still interested in selling your 68" millstone please email me at
For any others, I am interesting in buying an antique 48 - 68" millstone, preferably from the South. Competitive bid.

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I cannot see the difficulty in making a "faux" millstone from concrete. After all it's just a round stone with a hole in the center. You can control the mix, color and weight, score the grit lines, add a few chips on the edges and only you would know. The cost savings could be massive :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Some info here on shape & size, etc.

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I have an old grinding stone that is 16 x 4 inches with a square 2 inch hope in the center, I was wondering what it is worth, it has been in my family forever. Location: Columbia, SC

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I found a sandstone millstone in a creek working on a farm here in St Anthony Indiana the owner of the farm said his family has owned this farm for over 100 yrs and he never seen that in the creek i gess all the rain we just got must of uncovered it . Its 15x5in.and senter square is 3/12in dose any one have any idea what it is worth??? THANK YOU FOR ANY INFORMATOIN

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I am in the market for a millstone preferable from mississippi

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Hello, my name is peter from central new hampshire. I just bought a new home and found a 74 inch in diameter by 12 inch thick millstone in my backyard, im looking to find any info at all and/ or an assessement or an honest value of what it may be worth condition is good no breechs cracks or chips on the side I can see. The approximate weight is around 2800 pounds. Any education on this will be greatly appreciated. You can email me with any tips or advice or general interest in the stone email thank you!

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I just stumbled on this post through Google and am glad I did.
A friend of ours recently came a cross a buried millstone in our backyard and would like to know how we can appraise it. Our home was built in 1870 and was a farmhouse back in the day. Though the stone would look great in the garden, we are in need of extra cash (college expenses) and would like to sell it. Anybody have any suggestions for us? we are in nw Indiana if anybody is interested. Thanks in advance.

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Hers the stone its 22 by5.5 with 6" diam cent hol @gerd on1. Side

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Hello! Me and my son were walking the shore fishing, in the river behind our house and found this stone in about three feet if water. I'm guessing it is some old mill stone but I'm not sure. I think it must have been uncovered from the river flooding this spring. There were lumber mills a 100 years ago along this river. Maybe it came from one of those? I live in mid Michigan. Any thoughts?

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Backside of stone.

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Back side.

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