Regular sidewalk with stone edging?

littlebug5(z5 MO)June 13, 2005

I am thinking of replacing some old concrete sidewalk as well as creating some new sidewalk at my house. My house is natural limestone, rough-cut, with lots of stones used in the landscaping. Does anybody have any pictures of a concrete sidewalk with some kind of stone edging? Something that would make the concrete kind of blend-in with all the stone I already have? I do not want stone walkways -- too uneven to walk on.

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I edged my concrete drive with 3 rows of old red brick (the house is red brick) because I foolishly had the gravel drive paved the original width. This was the width it was when house was built in 1920's and it just isn't wide enough for full size pick-up. I made the bricks the same level as the drive. I have had compliments on it, and it works like a rumble strip to let lousy backers (me) know when I am going off the drive. I would think that the stone would like nice edging your drive. I did not set my bricks the proper way, just dug out by hand, threw in some stone dust and eye-balled it level. I have to tweek them once in awhile, and there is a lot of weeding.

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grandblvd03(z5 IL)

My front walk is concrete and I edged it with chips of limestone. By chips I mean the thin top layer that cracks off a large chunk. It has a very irregular look which is what I wanted. I have the walk lined with various perennials - lavender, campanula, dianthus, daylily, salvia. I'll send you a pic. I don't know if it's what you're looking for.

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