Lining and expanding an old brick sidewalk

deedlesmom(zone 5 MI)June 23, 2005

I discovered an old brick sidewalk under a layer of grass and weeds, leading from our driveway to our front concrete stoop. Bricks are very old, but in great shape. I'd like to take them up and re-lay them. But what do I lay them in? Sand or something else? And I need to expand the width of the walk, what do you think would look good and not too new looking? More bricks on each side going perpendicular to the existing pattern or something else?

TIA, Sheree

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janandalan(Z7-NC Piedmont)

Lucky you! I think that laying a perpendicular edge would look great. You can also buy brick in any number of different colors (including rough tumbled ones) that would come pretty close to matching those that you found, or you could even mix and match your old ones with new ones for a more mosaic look.

As for how to lay them, yes, they do need to be on a sand and gravel base. You can do a google search for "laying a brick walkway" and find lots of instructions. Here's one link.

Here is a link that might be useful: brick walkway

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