Stepping stones on slope

cherylg2June 30, 2013

My house is on a slope, and I have a hard time walking around the back of the house without slipping or losing my footing. I've fallen or come close to falling often enough to think that I need a safer walking environment, especially as I have arthritis and I'm only getting older. Take a look at the picture I've attached. I need to walk around the back of the yard to water the flowers around the back porch and the newly planted trees.

I've read about how on slopes you need to build steps, rather than a path. I am wondering if that's the case when you're not actually trying to go DOWN the slope, but across it. I am new to the forum, so I don't know if it's possible to show 2 pictures in one post. I will post again with a very rough idea of the direction I'd like to go with the stepping stones, and please let me know if just leveling the sand when I place the stones will create a usable path that won't require much upkeep.

I appreciate any response and advice. :)

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This should show a very rough placement of where I would like to place my walkway.

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No one has given you a response so I am going to try to help.
You can't do what you are planning on doing.
You state that you are having a hard time walking out there on that slope, you almost fell, so just to put stones down will do nothing to help the sloping situation.
You have to terrace it and build a level path if that is what you want, a path that is safe for you to walk on.
Look up terraced paths online and get an idea of what other people did.
Another alternative is to build a level wooden deck walk way. Up off the ground, and with a handrail, that goes where you want to walk.
If you live in a HomeOwners Association, you will need permission to do this.
In any case, bother alternatives are not cheap.
You will have to think about it, or spend no time in the yard if you will risk a fall, which in my opinion is not worth even being out there.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

We have a very slippery slope, and I use a hiking staff. It gives me the support I need. I go up and down our rocky, decomposed granite slope all the time. That staff is like a 3rd leg!

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butterfly4u-"You will have to think about it, or spend no time in the yard if you will risk a fall, which in my opinion is not worth even being out there."

The terraced path or level wooden deck pathway sound like good ideas. At the very least a rope hand rail attached to sturdy fence pole(s) might work.

I don't have arthritis but I have bird feeders high up on my back windows.
The weather where I live has been in the single digits, with snow drifts of 2-3 ft. I use a 3 step ladder to refill them. I have to make sure the ladder is stable (not on ice) while I'm refilling them.

Normally, I try to fill them when someone is home. If no one is home, I always make sure I have my cell phone in my pocket so I can call for help if I have a problem.

It seems as if this might be a good thing to do until you get your pathway issue resolved.

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