Early Spring - Part 2

ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9March 21, 2014

Just a few more pics for those of you who aren't tired of my garden by now....

Souvenir du President Carnot - a more open bloom

The "Rock Garden"

Souvenir de la Malmaison is always the star

Rosette Delizy - someone should have removed the old leaves

She has such pretty flowers

A melange of colors

Aunt Margy's Rose

First bud on Reine Des Violettes

In the house

Looks better on the Dining Room table

The new member of the family, Lacey, an adopted Maine Coon


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rinaldo(z7b AR)

President Carnot is a lovely thing and so is Lacey. We foster, rehabilitate, and generally look after cats in various difficulties. Apart from that we've had a lot of cats of our own. Two of them were coon cats and they were as loyal, funny, and affectionate a couple of guys as I have ever known. In fact, my handle here, 'Rinaldo', was the name of my first coon cat!

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

Rosette Delizy has its first buds here, though they haven't opened yet. I hope they're as lovely as yours! A second RdV I gifted my mom for Christmas has about a dozen buds as well. What a gorgeous rose. We plan on putting a Lady Hillingdon besides the second one. Gilbert Nabonnand is next to the first.


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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

rinaldo, after our first Maine Coon passed away two years ago we knew that it was the only kind of cat we would ever want again. I so admire what you do, and all the cats and dogs I've had or have except one are rescues.

Jay, I have Lady Hillingdon next to my Rosette Delizy! I thought the two colors would blend well. I can't tell yet since it hasn't bloomed. It had a setback when I transplanted it from a spot near the house wall that was too hot for it. I really hope it blooms this year.


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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

More beautiful roses! I love the shadings of Rosette Delizy, and Aunt Margy's Rose--what a deep, rich color. And fluffy Lacey is delightful, a real beauty to compete with the roses. Diane

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

Thank you for the lovely photos Ingrid. You have a joyful garden. Lacey looks a great deal like our Nimue. I've always felt like a garden is complete with a cat in it.

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Your garden is way ahead of mine here, where Rosette Delizy is just in bud. Makes sense, as I am north of you. Nice kitty, and I love the quartersawn oak of your table. Also the "rock" garden, very handsome and dramatic. No, I'm not tired of your pictures.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I never get tired of looking at pictures of your gardens! Keep 'em coming! : )


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They are all so lovely. I can't imagine ever getting tired of looking at your beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Beautiful garden, and lovely cat!

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Those pictures make me wish I could take a stroll through your garden *sigh*


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Sylvia Weiser Wendel

I'm crazy about the peacock plates, and also Aunt Margy -- I've never seen that rose before! Off to the encyclopedia ...
At this house we have always felt that the larger the cat, the better. I've seen Maine Coons that dwarf our terriers. Lacy, live long and prosper.

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Ingrid--Your garden is lovely-----these pictures show it off nicely----Nice dishes and a great cat---
Your roses were a bright spot for me today--Thanks

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nikthegreek(9b/10a E of Athens, Greece)

Keep it coming Ingrid, we never get bored of your pictures. Removing old leaves must be number 1 boring chore in a warm climate rose garden. A spray with limesulphur if you can get some ready made and if there are no evergreens around is an old trick which does the job nicely and also protects from overwintering fungi and pests. Not sure if its use in domestic application is allowed or not where you live though.

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Sow_what? Southern California Inland

Thanks, Ingrid. Love the gardens, the roses, and the boulders. And kitty, too! Look forward to seeing more as the season progresses.


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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

As usual, you've all warmed my heart with your kind and appreciative words. Hardly anyone sees my garden in real life who appreciates it, and it's such a pleasure to present it to you here who understand and share my feelings.

Lacey weighs 23 pounds but she has been put on a diet. It's not all muscle!

I should mention that Aunt Margy's Rose is a polyantha and the flowers look deceptively large in the picture. They're 1 1/2 inches across at the most. The rose is available at Rogue Valley Roses and probably some other vendors also carry it.

The pheasant plates are not old and are available from Mottahedeh and are called Chelsea Birds. The rest of my 100+ collection dates from neolithic times to the 1900's, but most of it is 18th century.


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ms. violet grey

Beautiful garden. Is your house on a hill or mountain? Everything is flat in Houston (concrete city). You will see small curved hills heading out towards Austin. Even the temperature changes (dry arid heat there) versus Houston's high humidity.

Your pictures always depict different angles. It looks like you have a lot of land (well much more than a suburban lot).

We can learn a lot from your pictures, especially inspiration.

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zjw727(Coastal Oregon Zone 8b)


I could easily look at 500 more pictures of President Carnot- that ethereal porcelain pink is incredible!

I had a Maine Coon cat once. Does your like to talk?


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Absolutely beautiful! I do believe I will always be partial to SdlM, though Rosette Delizy is also gorgeous. I am so glad we are able to see these wonderful pictures until we can make some of our own. Thank you for sharing!

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

mauvegirl, we're on a hill, at 1700 feet. Our property is not that large, less than two acres, although perhaps because of the different levels it somehow looks larger. I'm so glad you think my garden is inspiring. Of course I'm always borrowing from other people's gardens since I'm not terribly creative myself.

Zachary, you may just see more of the President since I've taken more pictures..... My Maine Coon does talk, but she's not a constant talker, which suits me quite well. I don't know what I'd ever do with a Siamese!

Rene, I'm happy if the pictures gave you some joy, but I'm equally looking forward to seeing others' gardens. I don't know when your blooming period is, but I hope you won't have to wait too much longer.


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Your garden is heavenly, Ingid! The ruffled blue irises are delightful companions for your pink roses. My daughter who is only three, but who has very definite opinions, is helping me choose colors and patterns for her (former storage) room. She has chosen pink, blue and sage green and she adores roses! Imagine that. :-) The palette reminds me of your garden. I just can't believe that everyone who walks down your path isn't some combination of awestruck and worshipful. President Carnot is looking luscious as ever! Have you grown Delbard's Comtesse de Segur? I just selected it as a free bonus on an order of Barden roses from RVR. It's probably the wrong plant for my climate and all that sort of thing, but it was so fluffy and pink and repeat blooming and fragrant that I found myself typing its name in the box. Lovely porcelain in the photos, too, Ingrid! The rich pastel patterns of birds and flowers are both elegant and natural....like your garden. Carol

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Carol, your daughter already has great taste for her age. Those colors sound perfect for a little girl's room. I've seen some that are less happily put together, to say the least. I looked at Comtesse de Segur and it's a lovely rose in every way. I hope it works for you in spite of your doubts. It may be an overall healthy rose, who knows?

Souvenir du President Carnot has gone on day after day looking good (other than the mildewed leaves). The flowers have great lasting power on the plant, but not so much in the house, strange to say.

I'm glad you like my porcelain. This is only a very small part of my collection; the dusting part can get a little onerous but I'm so passionate about it. It's similar to our craziness about our roses and gardens, except that there's a much vaster body of knowledge to absorb, which is one of the enticements. It's never-ending.


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