what to do with old river rock? help help!

hsmama(COzn 5)July 6, 2005

We bought our house a year ago and are hacking away at the old landscape. We have a hell strip with that yucky small river rock. it has plastic under it which has degraded and now has weeds thriving in it. I want to remove the rock and replace the yuck with xeric fabulous! What do I do with this yucky rock. I had been hand picking it and tossing it in my neighbors rock strip. But that is taking about an hour for a 1 foot section. I don't want to just 'trash' the rocks cuz it feels so environmentally horrible, but I'm really done with hand picking clean rock. If I dig it with shovel, it will end up being rock,dirt, weed, and plastic.


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grandblvd03(z5 IL)

You could make things from it, like the base of a birdbath, or even a garden pillar, sitting bench, just about anything. They would have an old-fashioned look. If you set the rocks cement then they become a decorative element.

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If it's the 1-2" rock, buy a yard of 3/4 inch hardware cloth and sift it out.

It makes good "mulch" for potted plants: keeps cats from digging, retains water, and lets you dump a l0ot of water in the pot without washing out the dirt.

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Take each rock, paint little eyes on it and put it in a cute box. Call them pets and sell them!

No, wait....That's been done already.

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