slate versus PA Bluestone terrace?

amyjeanJuly 12, 2007

I live in upstate New York and am planning a stone terrace. I would love slate, but the only stone readily available around here seems to be Pennsylvania Bluestone. I understand that these are two different materials and that local suppliers carry the bluestone due to the flaking of slate. However, it seems to me that people have used slate for a long, long time, especially in these "northern parts" and I LOVE the look of it. Should I hold out to find a slate supplier or should I go for the "approximate" look with the bluestone? Other than possible flaking, what would be the advantage? Any other thoughts for someone setting out to have a stone terrace installed? Thank you, Amy

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There is slate and then there is slate. If you use a product best meant for indoors on your patio it will blow (flake) after the first winter but a thicker local slate will stand up better. That being said one of the attractions of slate, after its colouring, is the less than perfect finish. Bear in mind also, that slate will be more expensive to lay than bluestone.

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Inkognito, thank you for your response. I've spied a pile of slate (no one seems to use it here much anymore) and if I can find out a little more about the quality of it -i.e. indoor versus outdoor, etc., I'll use it. In my opinion, I just think there's no comparison between the PA Bluestone and slate. Slate just has that beautiful...... slatiness? I don't know, but I love it!

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