YAY.. I'm done with stone walls and pavers! (pics)

sieblonde(Atlanta GA)July 13, 2005

Now that it's done (just clean up work and fixing small things) I can say I'm glad I did it.

But, I think I'll take a break and just enjoy relaxing for a while.... YAY... no more stone!... um... well except for the stacks of flagstone left.....

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Wow, great job, wish I was so talented. How long did it take you?

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sieblonde(Atlanta GA)

Hi Annie,

It took me about a month, working on the weekends usually. The worst part was trying to get the kids to get off their butts and come help! lol.

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Monipook(z5 NH)

This looks great.. You did an awesome job. I jsut finished making a patio with my husband. Now we have to plan the walkway. I think I may build up a small wall for planting also..

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Sherry_NC(z7 NC)

Hey, great job! We are in the process of something similar and you are right...it's quite a job!

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Wow, I love the whole look!!!

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rheene(Mt. Z4)

TOOOOO AWESOME!!!! I want some!!!!

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Aunt_Net(z6 N of OKC)

What a great job. In a month!!!
Have been working on ours for a month and we almost have a real good start going. DH is toooo picky, almost to the point of not getting anything done because it might not be right.
I'm going to show him your pics and hope he gets going, cooler temps would help also, and maybe if I really cook supper tonight. LOL
Hope you have had a party or two on that gorgeous flagstone this summer, you deserve a chance to show it off.

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Wow - that looks great! Thanks for the pics

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