Creating a dry bed stream with stone?

CapeHeart(z6ccMA)July 18, 2004


Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this question but I will ask any way.

We put in a ramp for my daughter off our front porch, she has always been independant and would rather have the ramp look more like a deck off the porch but we couldn't afford the additional wood and labor and just put in the ramp off the front and steps off the side of the porch. Since we live on the Cape we thought that it very much reminded us of a boardwalk. So a friend suggested we make a the ramp look like a bridge - great idea! So I called the utility companies to mark so we could dig for a pond/stream.

Well I think this year a pond is not going to happen - we have a small pond in the back yard that needs more attension and a dear friend took so much time in helping us build it. Soooo we thought we should put in a dry stream bed for now around the ramp.

Today I did my best to outline a stream that would look natural- a larger one on the left side of the ramp with more garden space and and a smaller one on the right side of the ramp. I plan to fill with small stones and outline it with larger stones and shells. I have seen this done on garden shows and it looks real nice. I thought about putting a fountain on the larger side within the stream.

Has anyone created a dry bed stream? Do you have pics? What would you suggest I plant around the dry stream beds? Both beds where the streams are located are mixed garden beds.

Many thanks :-)

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sandykk(z6 MD)

Here is a picture of a dry stream bed we put in for a water problem. It is working great, no more water flooding down the hill in a bad storm.

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My dry creek bed look sa lot like SandyKK's. I built mine last weekend.

I built mine for water drianage as well just in case of a large storm. I dug about a foot down, put in a 4" perforated pipe, covered with pea gravel, and then used cibolo rock on top of that. Looks a lot like SandyKK's.

For plants, I built a couple beds, and used native plants that like shade. Ferns work well.

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We built a REALLY BIG stream bed for a natural runoff on our property. We lined it with landscape fabric (to try to cut down on weeds) then put in a LARGE assortment of rock.....from boulders to gravel. It looks very natural. (Plants that are native to your property will give it a more natural look - unless, of course, you are going with a more formal look - then I suppose plants that would like a wet location would look the best) Will try to post photos.

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Thanks Everyone

Sandy your garden is beautiful! - This reminds me of my side garden in the shade - I think I need to add more rocks! Thanks for the pic. Thanks Zonetrap - sounds nice! Tressa can't wait to see the pics.

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wigardenerwannabe(Z5 WI)

I have been wanting to put in a dry stream bed as a border to a garden bed and came up with this link in doing a search. For those of you that already have them, are they messy and hard to keep clean? Do you also have grass growing up in the rocks?

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I'd love to see pictures, as we're doing that for drainage in AZ and I need advice, how wide to dig, how deep to dig and what to plant on the edges to make it look natural

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