Concrete dust between flagstone for stability?

peel(z6 CT)August 1, 2005

I don't know if I heard this correctly, but I thought someone had told me a long time ago that you can brush concrete dust (or maybe a mixture of concrete with sand) into the spaces between flagstone and wet it down to give it a little bit of stability when dry laying stones. Is this possible?

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The stability of a stone installation comes from what is UNDER them, not between them.

If the stones shift, the sand/cement mix cracks and falls apart. If frost gets into the cracks, the mix crumbles and falls apart ...

Laying them on a properly prepared bed of gravel and sand, compacted before the stones hit, then brushing plain sand into the cracks gives the area the best chance of surviving winters.

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I didn't pose the question, but thanks, lazygardens. I'm laying a path with scrap granite from a countertop place, and I was thinking about concrete or mortar, mainly because of dreaded bermuda grass. You were a big help to me!

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Do a search for Envirobond or organic binder (stay away from polamer) there are plenty of products that will bind the joints - but as Lazygardens states the base prep is the
main priority

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