Paver Stone Basketball Court

Zaccon(Zone 4)August 5, 2005

I have several questions - does anyone have any suggestions on what I can plant around the perimiter of our new paver basketball court? It is in a sunny location most of the day. I'd like something that can withstand possible foot traffic and basketballs. The plantings will be on a gradual slope, 4 feet wide, around 2/3 of the court, which extends into the yard.

Should I put mulch, groundcover, shrubs? If I do mulch, will it blow all onto the court and yard or can I "hold" it into place on a gradual hillside?

Thanks for your help!

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Aunt_Net(z6 N of OKC)


This might be a question that would be easier to answer on one of the plant gardening forums or for someone closer to your zone.Things to consider, how high do you want this planted area, does it need to be evergreen, what soil type do you have, how much maintenance time are you willing to devote.

If you want to keep people on the court and off the plants my choice would be a nice prickly holly hedge, your only problem will be replaceing all the deflated basketball.LOL
Just joking. We had hollies at our first house, I loved them, DH hated them, he mowed around them, I used them for Christmas decorating.

Good Luck, there are many good choices available you just need to ask someone with experience in your area.(Or start looking over the neightbors fences until you find something you like)

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